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Free Games: The Best Sites To Find And Play Them

If you are tired of having to pay money to play fun online or downloadable games, you should really consider switching to the free ones. There are THOUSANDS of games online that you can play over and over and enjoy without having to spend a single penny. The question that follows is of course, “Where are these fabulous free games?” …

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LEGO Announces New Free-to-Play Online Game

LEGO and Warner Bros. today announced a series of new video games based on the Kingdom of Chima LEGO sets. The series will include games for mobile platforms, the Nintendo 3DS, and a “massive” free-to-play online game. “We are doing something innovative with LEGO Legends of Chima by making three distinct videogame experiences on a variety of platforms,” said Samantha …

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Online Game Item Trading Banned In South Korea

Those who play online games are aware of the massive economy surrounding in-game item trading. It has led to such activities like gold farming that many players frown upon but it still makes a lot of money every year. South Korea has been one of the few countries that regulates such activity. That regulation has now reached an all-out ban, …

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