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Free Games: The Best Sites To Find And Play Them

If you are tired of having to pay money to play fun online or downloadable games, you should really consider switching to the free ones. There are THOUSANDS of games online that you can play over and over and enjoy …

LEGO Announces New Free-to-Play Online Game
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LEGO and Warner Bros. today announced a series of new video games based on the Kingdom of Chima LEGO sets. The series will include games for mobile platforms, the Nintendo 3DS, and a “massive” free-to-play online game. “We are doing …

Online Game Item Trading Banned In South Korea

Those who play online games are aware of the massive economy surrounding in-game item trading. It has led to such activities like gold farming that many players frown upon but it still makes a lot of money every year. South …

Mafia Wars Virus Infected Air Force Drones Mafia Wars Virus Infected Air Force Drones
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Recently, there were reports of a virus infecting the drone aircraft used by the United States Air Force, much like the one that leads this article. While the impact of the infection appears to be minimum, provided you take the …

Tea Party Zombies Must Die Lets You Explode Conservative Icons With an AK47 Tea Party Zombies Must Die Lets You Explode Conservative Icons With an AK47
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File this under the “I’m conflicted” folder. A new online game is causing quite a stir, as its gameplay involves destroying the zombified versions of various conservative and Tea Party icons with a slew of different weaponry – from AKs …

Ads On Gaming Sites A Solid Way To Reach Some Women

Advertisers who are interested in women over the age of 45 should probably pay attention to new data from Dynamic Logic.  It doesn’t touch on the usual suspects – clothing, jewelry, and whatnot – but instead suggests that gaming sites are a good way to reach this demographic.

Online Gaming In China To Reach $3 Billion

The online games market in China is on track to surpass $3 billion in 2010 up from $1.66 billion in 2007, according to Pearl Research.

“Lyrics” Show To Be Online Game

RDF, the production company for Fox’s "Don’t Forget the Lyrics" and A&E’s "The Two Coreys" is creating online and mobile games for the two series.

Don't Forget the Lyrics

Majority Of Kids Play Online Games

When it comes to what activities children do online 78 percent between the ages of 6-11 reported playing games in the last 30 days according to a survey from MRI.

Google Develops Plans To Profile Gamers

Imagine that you’re playing a computer game, and because you slowly sneak up behind an enemy, you’re shown an advertisement for a bank.  Run at the same enemy while wielding a rocket launcher, and you’ll see an ad for a death metal CD.  This is Google’s dream.