Online Advertisers Are Just Going To Ignore Microsoft’s ‘Do Not Track’ Signal

Online Advertisers Are Just Going To Ignore Microsoft’s ‘Do Not Track’ Signal

By Zach Walton October 10, 2012

Microsoft became one of the good guys earlier this year when they said that Internet Explorer 10 would have the “Do Not Track” option set to on by default. In a perfect world, it would tell online advertisers that a …

Americans Ignoring Internet Banner Ads

Online advertising is considered a good way to target and reach consumers, but nearly two-thirds (63%) of Americans say they tend to ignore Internet ads, according to a new survey from Adweek Media and Harris Interactive.

Among those who ignore Internet ads, 43 percent say they ignore banner ads the most and 20 percent say they ignore search engine ads the most. Smaller percentages say they ignore television ads (14%), radio ads (7%) and newspaper ads (6%); just 9% of Americans say they don’t ignore any of the listed types of ads.


Brand names are good for your ads

If you have to get an ad placed online, your marketing effort should look to brand name sites as a destination for that advertising message.

Yahoo Betting On Online Ad Growth In Emerging Markets

Yahoo says it plans to expand its online advertising business in emerging markets above the standard 30 percent growth rate over the next few years.

Online advertising revenues in emerging markets are forecast to grow at 30 percent annually in the next three to four years as more users go online and access the Internet on mobile devices.

Online And Mobile Ad Spending Reached $29 Billion In 2007

U.S. spending on online and mobile advertising increased to $29.9 billion in 2007, according to PQ Media’s "Alternative Media Forecast: 2008-2012" report.

The firm said 18 digital and non-traditional media segments, accounted for 16.1 percent of total advertising and marketing spending in 2007, up from 7.9 percent in 2002.

Internet Display Ads Grew 15% In 2007

The advertising market finished 2007 with measured spending of $148.99 billion, up 0.2 percent compared to 2006, according to TNS media intelligence.

Internet Ad Revenue Tops $5.2 Billion

Big bucks continued to roll into online advertising as the Interactive Advertising Bureau reported third quarter numbers for 2007 that beat last year’s figures by 25.3 percent.

China Online Ads To Reach RMB 10 Billion

Online advertising in China is reaching double-digit growth so far in 2007, according to Nielsen’s AdRelevance report.

In Context Web Ads Brand Better

Advertising displayed on relevant content pages on general interest Web sites did better than the same advertising on out of context pages, according to a study by Online Testing eXchange and commissioned by ContextWeb.

Can Social Media Increase Online Ad Response?

Seventy-eight percent of marketers view social media marketing as a way to gain a competitive edge, but only 7.7 percent of online marketing spend goes towards social media according to Coremetrics survey "Face of the New Marketer."

Google Helps With Keyword Analysis

The vagaries of keyword Quality Scores for AdWords have caused advertisers to ask for more information from Google.

Behaviorally Targeted Ads Get More Attention

Behaviorally targeted ads outperform contextual ads by as much as 22 percent in some categories; according to a new study from Revenue Science conducted by JupiterResearch.

Yahoo Sales Chief Joins Martha Stewart
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The post-Terry Semel era at Yahoo sees a shakeup at the top of its cross-platform, North America sales team, as Wenda Harris Millard moves from the portal company to Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.