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Nintendo Sues Hackyourconsole.com Over Piracy

Piracy is certainly a concern for both console makers and game developers. Microsoft’s failed attempt at implementing hardware-level DRM into the upcoming Xbox One is proof enough of that. However, while other console makers have battle piracy mainly through software, Nintendo has been putting out hardware that is fundamentally harder to emulate. 3DS games, for example, wouldn’t work well without …

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Wreck-It Ralph Video Game Headed to Nintendo Systems

Generally, tie-in video games based on movies are never very good, and usually feature slapped-together gameplay created on a budget to capitalize on the movie’s brand. However, when the video game is based on a movie that is based on video games, then you have to wonder whether the tie-in game could be fun. Disney Interactive and Activision announced today …

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Toyota Turns the Nintendo DS into a Navigation System Remote

Utilizing a system called Kuruma de DS (DS in the Car), Japanese DS owners can now use their DS to control the car navigation system. The system was developed by Toyota as part their new Smart Navi automobile navigation system. It allows passengers to input destinations without having to reach across to access the in-dash navigation system. They can also …

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Woman Purchases an iPad, Gets a Box Full of Notepads

This story may sound like some sort of hilariously zany plotline you might find on a primetime television sitcom, but apparently it’s the real deal. And while I don’t think that notepads are as archaic as others might claim, I can understand one’s initial irritation upon receiving a stack of them in place of an Apple iPad. Such is the …

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Pokemon Black And White 2 Gets New Trailer

Ever since Nintendo announced the first true sequel in Pokemon history, fans have been kind of skeptical to say the least. Just looking at the Twitter reaction from when it was first announced, you can see some fans happy about the news but others disappointed by the lack of any innovation. Pokemon has always been accused of being lazy with …

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