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Large Whale Beached in Nicaragua, Locals Help

A massive whale, thought to be a humpback, beached itself on the shores of Nicaragua’s southern coast Friday. Locals and tourists tried to intervene, and push it back out to sea, but were unsuccessful by the time the sun was …

Nicaragua Earthquake Leaves 23 Injured

An earthquake with a 6.1 magnitude hit western Nicaragua on Thursday evening, leaving at least 23 people injured in one town, and an aftershock 20 miles to the south followed. The earthquake shook houses and at least 23 people were …

Edward Snowden: Venezuela Says the Door’s Open
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The presidents of Venezuela and Nicaragua have extended a hand to Edward Snowden. In the wake of the grounding of Bolivian president Evo Morales’s plane, on which Snowden was rumored to be aboard, Latin America has banded together to express …

Google Maps Nearly Ignited War Between Nicaragua & Costa Rica In 2010 Google Maps Nearly Ignited War Between Nicaragua & Costa Rica In 2010
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Google, it seems, should stick to playing RISK when it comes to defining the borders that separate dominions of countries – especially when the involved countries already have a history of border disputes. However, Google has Google Maps, as you …

Military Invasion Blamed On Google Maps
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Not long ago, a Nicaraguan military commander caused an international incident by leading his soldiers into Costa Rican territory.  He replaced a Costa Rican flag with a Nicaraguan one, too.  And according to the commander, this all occurred because of an error on Google Maps.

Apparently maps used by both the Nicaraguan and Costa Rican governments agree on the location of a border near San Juan del Norte.  Unfortunately, the commander consulted Google Maps, which shows a rather different version of the boundary.