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Niantic Labs to Release New Augmented Reality Game

Just over one year ago Google’s Niantic Labs revealed Ingress, an augmented reality (AR) game created to experiment with the possibilities of a multiplayer game set in the real world but with a layer of virtual game poured over it. Though the game wasn’t a smash hit it did open up possibilities for AR and mobile gaming. Now, Niantic Labs …

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The Niantic Project Is A Game Called Ingress (Here’s A Look)

Now it’s official. The Niantic Project is simply an alternate reality game, and Google has now revealed this to be a game called Ingress. Here’s the new video: Here’s the official site, where you can request an invite. The app is in the Google Play store. Here are some screen shots: All Things D has an interview with John Hanke, …

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Niantic Project Guy’s Apartment Gets Broken Into [Video]

I’m not going to rehash all of the backstory to this here. If you don’t know about The Niantic Project, just read this, this and this. If you’ve been following along, you may be interested to know that another video has been released: Hat tip: Brandon Badger of Niantic Labs (Google).

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Google’s Niantic Project Appears To Be More Game Than Viral Campaign

Google’s Niantic Project (which we first reported on here) is now starting to generate a little more attention. On Wednesday, we published “Google, This Is Getting Pretty Weird [The Niantic Project]” looking at some of the latest pieces of the mystery. The article is generating some discussion in the comments section, as well as on reddit. For more background read …

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Google, This Is Getting Pretty Weird [The Niantic Project]

Last week, we reported on Google’s mysterious Niantic Project. “What is that?” you may ask. Good question. That’s kind of the point. Above all else, it appears to be some kind of viral attention-getting campaign for something Google is up to. Update: Here’s a follow-up (h/t: reddit). Google’s Niantic Labs recently launched the Field Trip App for Android. It was …

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