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The Next Generation Of NASA Satellites Will Be Powered By Android

NASA does some of the best work out of any public agency in the United States. Unfortunately, they are constantly defunded and must work within strict constraints. Even with the limitations, the agency was able to land on Mars with the Curiosity rover. Continuing the trend of getting the most out of a dollar, they’re now sending Android smartphones into …

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Google to Expand Its Android Nexus Lineup

Until now, Google has chosen one manufacturer to collaborate with and create a spec phone for new versions of Android. In 2010, HTC and Google created the first of these smartphones, the Nexus One. For the next two years Samsung was the chosen manufacturer, creating the Nexus S and the new Galaxy Nexus. These phones were often then only devices …

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Ice Cream Sandwich For Nexus S 4G Leaked

A week ago we brought you news that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich had come to Samsung’s Galaxy S II Skyrocket thanks to a leak. The leak allowed Skyrocket owners to get their hands on the latest and greatest version of Android. Though Ice Cream Sandwich will probably be coming to Galaxy S II smartphones in the US eventually, Samsung …

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