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Google Is Making A Game Console [Report]

Back in May, it was revealed that Google had hired legendary game designer Noah Falstein to head up what looked like a gaming division at the company. At the time, many thought Google was just getting into game development, but it looks like the company has much higher aspirations. The Wall Street Journal reports that Google is working on its …

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Is Google Working On A Nexus Q Successor?

Remember the Nexus Q? It was the media player that Google showed at I/O last year, and then disappeared from the market after shipping out the Q for free to those who pre-ordered it. Now it seems that Google is going to take another crack at a media streaming device. Engadget reports that a media player from Google has hit …

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Google’s Nexus Q Is Apparently Really Popular

I didn’t really know what to make of the Nexus Q when Google first unveiled the orb at I/O. It definitely looks cool, but it also seems like every other streaming device. I’m apparently in the minority here as the device is now backordered in the Google Play store. The Nexus Q officially went on sale yesterday with the device …

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Google Teases That New Hardware Is On The Way

Google is now officially in the hardware business. The Nexus family of products – Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 and Nexus Q – show that Google is serious about competing with Apple, Amazon and others. Add on top of that the acquisition of Motorola Mobility and you have a hardware powerhouse in the making. The next question, of course, is where …

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Google Steps Up their Game with American Made Nexus Q Player

Google’s new wireless home media player, the Nexus Q, features something you won’t find on too many other electric devices these day. No, it’s not some crazy new microchip, it’s a simple laser etched tag that says, “Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A”. A novelty to be sure, most companies have abandoned the high costs of American manufacturing in favor …

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Google Unveils The Nexus Q, A Streaming Entertainment Ball [Google I/O]

At Google I/O, Google unveiled the Nexus Q, which it describes as “the first social streaming media player”. It looks like a ball, and lets you push content from your Android device to your TV. It’s unclear how this fits into the Google TV strategy, but Google now has another way to get into your living room, using Google Play. …

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