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The Next Xbox Gets A Name – The Xbox One

During the Xbox event this morning, Microsoft announced its vision for the next-generation of game consoles and entertainment. The philosophy governing the next Xbox is everything going through one console. As such, the next Xbox will be called the Xbox One. The Xbox One is being designed to improve a living room that Microsoft sees as fragmented. With the next …

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There Won’t Be A Subsidized Version Of The Next Xbox [Rumor]

One of the better deals in gaming today is a $99 Xbox 360 that’s subsidized with two years of Xbox Live. Rumors suggested that Microsoft would be doing the same with the next Xbox, but those plans may have been scrapped. Paul Thurrot reports that Microsoft has ditched its plans for a subsidized Xbox. The news comes from a recent …

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The Next Xbox May Finally Ditch Microsoft Points

I think we can all agree that virtual currency is the worst part of any digital marketplace. Often times, you’re forced to buy more points than what’s needed for the product in question, and then you’re stuck with 20 points that can’t be used for anything. One of the worst offenders is the Microsoft Points system, but it may finally …

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