NBCU Kills DailyCandy, Television Without Pity

NBCU Kills DailyCandy, Television Without Pity

By Chris Crum March 31, 2014

Last week, news emerged that NBCUniversal-owned DailyCandy and Television Without Pity are shutting down. Both are considered by some to be pioneers of an all but forgotten Internet era. The former was primarily an Internet newsletter in its early days, …

Building a Strong Relationship With Your Bulk Email List

Creating Bulk Email List

Getting More Subscribers To Your Ezine

An ezine, or electronic newsletter, is an effective way to get your message across to your prospects and clients.

Email Newsletters and Blogs

So I finally got a chance to catch my breath a bit and read some of the content on my “blogs I read” list.

Ten “New Rules” for Successful E-Newsletters

Here are ten “new rules” that are shaping effective ezine content today.

Opt-in Newsletter Advertising For Maximum Profit

Your opt-in or business list is the most valuable asset to your business. Your subscribers have made a positive decision to voluntarily subscribe to your free newsletter.

Building Your Customer List With a Newsletter

It is important to note a few points when writing your newsletter. Do not rush this and plan your publication well. Once you develop a really good newsletter you will have more chances of readers opening it and not unsubscribing.

6 Great Newsletter Ideas–When You’re Out of Ideas!

For marketers, publishing your own electronic newsletter can be challenging. Between project deadlines and other things, you’ve already got a lot on your plate.

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Learn How to Grow Your Ezine List and Publish an Ezine that Gets Results.

Boosting Donor Newsletter Open Rates with Subject Lines

The last time I checked, which is to say, yesterday, the average open rate for an email donor newsletter was 37%.

Learn What Your Competitors Know About Newsletters

Wondering why or how to get an email newsletter going? Yes, your business should have one. And yes, they are surprisingly simple to put into operation.

Are Your Subscribers Receiving Your Newsletter?

In my e-mail one day, I received the following message: “Hello, I am a subscriber to your ezine and received the attached e-mail. Please advise if this is actually from your website. Thank you.”

E-mail Newsletters: Inbox Marketing Power

Your e-mail inbox probably receives several of them each day. Some you open and read, while others are deleted, without a second thought.

Employee Newsletters for Small Companies

A newsletter for 60 employees? A visitor to the Manager’s Guide Web site asked about buying content for a newsletter that would serve a group of 60 professionals; the department responsible would not have time to write a complete newsletter.

Stop Annoying People With Your Newsletter

I read a lot of newsletters. Some are great and some are not so great. I put together this article to highlight the five mistakes I see most often in other people’s newsletters.

Do Newsletters Help Your Marketing?

Newsletters act as part of your “keep in touch” marketing strategy. They provide a vehicle for keeping in touch with your current customers or clients and providing them with additional value.

Sending Personalized Microsoft Publisher Newsletters to a Distribution List

If you create an email newsletter in Microsoft Publisher, you have probably run into the same problem that I did – distributing the newsletter after creating it.