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The Internet is All Over Climategate While the MSM Sleeps
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The mainstream media has its head in the sand again while one of the largest conspiracies the world has ever seen is exposed via Internet media. As most readers have heard by now, years of emails and programming code have been uncovered from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, which is run by the scientists whose research is the basis for the world’s belief in man-caused global warming.

Teens: Tweeting Or Not?

While the subject is often debated, there is mounting evidence that the Internet community’s desire to pin the label of ‘early adopter’ for new technology advances on the youngest users may be misguided. Earlier this month we asked the question as to whether teens use Twitter and it looks like the answer is, for the most part, not so much.

Amazon Kindle DX to Ship Soon
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Update 2: The Kindle DX will ship on June 10th, a spokesperson for Amazon tells WebProNews. "The Kindle DX is currently available for pre-order and all orders are prioritized on a first come, first served
basis," they said.

 The Kindle DX is now available for pre-order at Amazon for $489.

New York Times Establishes “Social Media Editor” Post
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Jennifer Preston is a serious journalist.  She serves an adjunct instructor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and has been employed by the New York Times for almost 14 years.  So the Times seems to be placing quite a bit of importance on Web 2.0 as Preston has been made its "Social Media Editor."

Nielsen Statistics Called Into Question Again

Along with what comScore and Hitwise put out, Nielsen’s data concerning online traffic is often viewed as being rather reliable, and almost every month, loads of people turn to it to see how different sites stack up.  A couple of rather important companies have recently called into question the accuracy of Nielsen’s stats, however.

Rumor: Google Working On New News Delivery Service
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Sharon Waxman formerly of the New York Times and the Washington Post, and now writing for the Wrap says that she went to a party at Arianna Huffington’s mansion and spoke with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Far from the idle chit chat about the weather, she claims that Schmidt told her about Google’s plan to roll out a system in six months that would bring "high-quality news content" to users without them actually looking for it.

What Separates a Blogger from a Journalist?
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The New York Times is running an article looking at "hyperlocal" web sites as replacements to traditional newspapers. The catalyst for the concept is obviously the fact that some newspapers have been dying off, at least in print form.

Big Publishers Want Special Treatment from Google
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Update: In an interesting turn to this story, the New York Times has eliminated 993,000 article pages as it rolls International Herald Tribune (IHT) into the NYT site. Instead of redirecting the articles to the same article on NYT, they all simply go now to one landing page.

Publishers Collaborate on New Microsoft Advertising Offering
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Today Microsoft announced the creation of the Publisher Leadership Council, a group of Web publishers who will consult on the development of Microsoft PubCenter, its next-generation advertising platform for digital media publishers.

Netflix Opening Up Access
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Netflix, the movie rental service that recently hit a milestone of 10 million subscribers is now making deals with movie sites to give users quick access to their Netflix queues from these places.

What’s the Web Without Links?
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In an age where the web appears to be getting more and more open, with the rise of data portability and everybody sharing stuff with everybody else, it is fascinating to see that a newspaper publisher is suing another one that is linking to its content.

New York Times Selling Front Page Ads
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The New York Times has joined the ranks of other major newspapers and is now offering display ads below the fold on its front page.

The first ad appearing today was bought by CBS and appears in color below the fold.

New York Times Selling Front Page Ads

Other major newspapers that sell front-page display ads include The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The Los Angeles Times.

Newspaper Thinks Web Presence Would Hurt Business
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You often hear that print is on its way out as more people realize that the web is a cheaper and more accessible option to get information. Many newspapers have put more energy into their web presences, often offering a wider variety of rich content that wouldn’t be possible in print form in the first place – things like podcasts and online video.

Making Six Figures with YouTube
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Everybody talks about YouTube monetizing itself, but what about users monetizing their own YouTube accounts?

NYT Declares Facebook Experiment A Success
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Never mind all the economic doom and gloom; the New York Times is thrilled with how its venture into social networking has gone.  A new memo notes some numbers that beat internal expectations, and should sound pretty impressive to outsiders, too.

NYT Online Leader is the Next NPR CEO
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Vivian Schiller, the head of the New York Times’ online division has left her job to become the new President and CEO of NPR (National Public Radio). She replaces Dennis Haarsager, who’s been the interim CEO since former CEO Ken Stern left.

Google Comfortable Enough In Its Own Economic Shoes

Eric SchmidtGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt is a busy man as you can imagine, and has probably been even busier than usual recently, now that he has been named to the transitional economic advisory board of President-Elect Barack Obama at a time when the economy needs all the help it can get.

Gray Lady Warms Up To Linking Out
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Let it be on record that in late 2008, the New York Times decided linking to other sites is acceptable for respected journalism operations. The headline, meant to be the replacement of the town crier, is heavy and sluggish with decrescendo: “Mainstream News Outlets Start Linking to Other Sites.”

I’ll save you the trip to the calendar. No, we haven’t time-warped back to the Nineties.

Twitter Congress Controversy

The New York Times, tomorrow, has an article about the controversy over using Internet communications tools like Qik and Twitter and whether they should be allowed to be used by members of Congress.

The new press conference

Google News Experience Slow Growth?

The New York Times says that Google News, Google’s semi-automated mainstream and blog news indexing service, is experiencing slow growth:

… traffic growth is sluggish. With 11.4 million users in May, Google News ranked No. 8 among news sites, far behind Yahoo News, which was No. 1 with 35.8 million visitors, according to Nielsen Online.

Death By Blogging, NYT Style
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I’m not sure the last time I saw a New York Times piece that failed to convince, well, anybody. It may be because Matt Richtel made the classic mistake of developing a thesis and sticking to it until he found some evidence. (Academic tip: A good thesis comes after research.)