NetSuite Articles

Google Welcomes NetSuite as a Checkout Partner

Google announced today that NetSuite is now a featured partner of Google Checkout. This means that NetSuite users can now offer Google Checkout as one of their payment options.

NetSuite Optimistic About Its IPO

Three bucks isn’t much, but to look at it another way, it’s about 19 percent of sixteen dollars.  So we’re at least mildly impressed that NetSuite, a business software maker, has been able to raise the expected price range of its IPO by that much.

NetSuite Parnters With eBay

NetSuite, an on demand business management software provider has partnered with online auction site eBay. The pair is working together to provide businesses with a more effective way to sell items on eBay while running their businesses with NetSuite.

NetSuite Matches Salesforce.com’s Search Tools

Hot on the heels of Salesforce.com’s new search marketing service, comes news that NetSuite has launched their own offering. They’re clearly a tad upset…

NetSuite Plugs In Keyword Marketing

The Keyword Marketing Module provided by on-demand business software firm NetSuite would be available to its customers at no additional charge.

KnowTia Announces Oasis CRM 2.0
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The Oasis CRM product line, made by the KnowTia Corporation, is set to be updated with a brand new Version 2.0.

NetSuite’s High-Volume E-mail Marketing Capabilities
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NetSuite has become the first company to offer high-volume e-mail marketing capabilities within a CRM application.