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CES 2014: Netgear Announces HDMI Dongle Chromecast Competitor CES 2014: Netgear Announces HDMI Dongle Chromecast Competitor
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The success of Google’s Chromecast surprised many industry watchers. Google had tried to enter household living rooms in the past through Google TV and saw very limited success. It turns out, though, that a small, inexpensive solution is exactly what …

Netgear Introduces Better Wi-Fi Solution Netgear Introduces Better Wi-Fi Solution
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Netgear has created a Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender to combat dead spots and other obstacles to wi-fi coverage in and around the home. If you’re tired of spotty coverage and constant internet buffering, this device might be helpful …

Netgear Talks Ramifications of Transition to IPv6
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It was recently revealed that the pool for IPv4 addresses had been depleted, meaning that the protocol for the Internet as we know it has been used up, and the transition to the next-generation IPv6 is beginning. 

Drew Meyer, Senior Director of Marketing for Networking product vendor Netgear shared some thoughts on the transition with WebProNews. 

Internet Video And Technology

Internet video continues to remain popular but what technology are people using to view the content? A new survey from ABI Research explores that question.

Interview With Netgear’s CEO

Netgear makes a lot of the WiFi routers found in homes around the world so it was a great privilege to interview Netgear’s CEO, Patrick Lo.

Netgear and Flarion Launch Mobile Broadband Router

Netgear and Flarion Technologies have made available the NetGear Mobile Broadband Router 814 (MBR814), which lets operator’s customers to share FLASH-OFDM mobile broadband access with Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

NETGEAR Releases RangeMax Family

NETGEAR announced the availability of its RangeMax family of wireless networking products.