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Noam Chomsky Talks Internet, Natural Language Processing At Google

Noam Chomsky, Institute Professor & Pressor of Linguistics (Emeritus) at MIT, recently gave an “At Google” talk at Google, Cambridge. He discussed the Internet as a political platform, natural language processing, and a handful of other things. Google highlights the questions from its staff that Chomsky answers: 1. Your early view of the potential abuse of the Internet as a …

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Google: You Don’t Have To Dumb Your Content Down ‘That Much’

Google’s Matt Cutts answers an interesting question in a new “Webmaster Help” video: “Should I write content that is easier to read or more scientific? Will I rank better if I write for 6th graders?” Do you think Google should give higher rankings to content that is as well-researched as possible, or content that is easier for the layman to …

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Google Buys Wavii To Improve Natural Language

Recent reports indicated that Google bought Wavii, a mobile startup, which has received some comparisons to Summly, which Yahoo recently acquired and integrated into its iPhone app. Now, Wavii has confirmed the acquisition. CEO Adrian Aoun says in a note posted to Wavii’s homepage (via TechCrunch): You probably know us best for our app that takes the deluge of information …

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Google Gets Better At Not Having To Send Users To Other Sites

Google went longer than usual without sharing its normally monthly lists of algorithm changes and “search quality highlights,” but finally, at the end of last week, the company put up one giant list covering changes it made in June and July. In all, there were 86 changes (not counting the ones Google blogged about separately), and we’ve been analyzing them …

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Wavii CEO: We’re Making a Facebook out of Google

Remember when Facebook didn’t have a News Feed? At the time, it seemed great, but now, most users would be lost without the feed that keeps them up to date on everything their friends do. Since the idea worked for Facebook, does that mean it can work for the whole Web? Adrian Aoun thinks it can and believes the proof …

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