NAND Articles

Intel, Micron Smack Samsung With 50nm NAND

Intel and partner company Micron Technology have broken the 50 nanometer (nm) barrier on NAND flash memory and have begun sampling 4 gigabit (Gb) devices manufactured through IM Flash Technologies.

Apple Hand In Nand With Samsung

A forthcoming NAND flash memory iPod from Apple will have Cupertino buying lots of Samsung chips.

Samsung 70nm Process Yields 4Gbit NAND Flash

With a blistering write process, Samsung has created memory devices capable of storing high-definition (HD) video.

Samsung 4Gbit NAND Memory In Production

The highest density flash device begins to move into mass production at the Korean electronics firm.

Samsung Pushes Flash Memory to 4Gbit with NAND.

Multimedia phones will get a huge memory increase after Samsung begins producing a new flash memory component in July 2005.