Halloween Candy: Death by Poison, Needles, Razor Blades, and Other Myths

Halloween Candy: Death by Poison, Needles, Razor Blades, and Other Myths

By Mike Tuttle October 16, 2014

Every October the tales get trotted out. Somebody knows a guy who had a cousin who knew a kid who died from poisoned Halloween candy. Parents warn their kids to not eat anything they are given that is not in …

Myth Busted: Do Teachers Get “Summers Off”? Myth Busted: Do Teachers Get “Summers Off”?

Every teacher has, at some point, had someone lament to him/her about how they wish their job paid them to “take the summer off”. Most of the time this statement is not made with any sort of ill intent, but …

‘Brazen Careerist’ Brushes Back Job Myths

The job hopping we see throughout the tech industry mirrors the youthful demographic entering all kinds of career fields; author Penelope Trunk has seen a growing shift in job seeking take place.

What’s Hot: SEO Happenings
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There’s a lot of buzz going on in the SEO world lately, especially when it comes to common optimization myths, shady business practices, and the debate currently underway surrounding the ethical and practical nature of link buying practices

Strolling around the SEO corner the last few days has been a surprisingly fruitful experience, especially given the fact that a lot of the items one comes across in the search engine optimization realm is just regurgitation of ideas and concepts that have been thrown around for some time.

Ten Google Myths Banished

Myths can figure prominently in culture, religion, and entertainment, but most corporations would likely prefer to remain uninvolved. After all, accountants’ spreadsheets just aren’t that compatible with non-factual information. Google probably appreciates it, then, that Ionut Alex. Chitu set about dispelling the top 10 “Google Myths.”

Blogging Myths

So, you have heard that blogging is the way to go’. Do you want to blog? Are you going to? Then this list of common blogging misconceptions may be helpful for you.

Myths of Web Design Worth Uncovering

If you’ve had a website for a while now, the odds are that some web designers somewhere with too much time on their hands have contacted you about this or that element of your website, telling you how they can repair it for you.

Passing The CCNA and CCNP: Three Myths About Cisco Exams

One of the drawbacks to the Internet is that it allows myths and “friend of a friend” stories to spread quickly, and usually the story becomes more exaggerated as it’s passed along.

Killing Bill’s Browser Myths

A tongue-in-cheek parody of Quentin Tarantino’s sword-swinging films encourages users to switch to Firefox, but maybe it serves better as an object lesson in browser mythology.

Five Myths of Internet Marketing for Independent Professionals

Marketing your own professional services is simply not the same as marketing a retail product or an anonymous business service. You can’t sell corporate consulting like you do web hosting……..

The Top SEO Myths, All Of It Hearsay
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If you do a Google search on SEO myths, you’ll bring in about half a million hits, all with an SEO expert of some form or another diligently listing the optimization misconceptions they run often encounter. They often disagree on certain points, but there are some common threads, which leads us here to a quick compilation of the more agreed upon SEO myths and how they are debunked.

Learning Links: Schools In Session At SES

The “Link Building Basics” session proved Mike Grehan is the professor of SEO-logy in this business. Even though Grehan wasn’t the only speaker in this session, he’s knowledge is phenomenal. He and the others covered a lot of good ground on the important of links to building a site in this class on link building basics.

Myths And Facts of Link Building

During the “Link Building Basics” session at SES, Debra Mastaler came up with a great list of facts and fiction regarding link building. It’s great information to take with you as you embark on your SEO journey. The veterans might even find some new info too. All this information is based on notes directly from the session taken by Chris Richardson.

Business Website Content Theft: 3 Myths

Myth 1. Web Content Theft & Other Internet Copyright Violations Are Hard to Pursue.

Small Business Planning — Three Myths

Are you — like 70 percent of small business owners — working without a plan? Here are three myths that need to be dispelled about strategic planning for small business.

7 Myths That Make Meetings Miserable

You can hold effective meetings and become a more successful leader if you avoid these seven monsters. Here’s how.

Search Engines using Smoke and Mirrors to Hide Flaws

Over at the ABestWeb affiliate forums X10, who deal in consumer electronics, are announcing a new feature to their affiliate program: A free website, all ready to go. Some of the members are concerned over “duplicate content” penalties and the X10 rep steps in to dispel a few myths about Search engines and ranking penalties.