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Did Google Make The Right Call With This Algorithm Change?

Google recently launched an update to its algorithm to take action against sites that post mugshots of people, and charge money to have them removed. While the move could go a long way in keeping people’s online reputations from suffering irreparable damages, at least one of the sites targeted thinks the update is actually putting people in danger by hiding …

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SEO That Helped NYT Investigate Mugshot Sites Shares Further Insights Into Their Rankings

In case you haven’t heard by now, Google pushed out an update late last week aimed at demoting shady sites that prey on people who have publicly available mugshots, and charge them to have the images removed. The New York Times published a big investigative report about the practice and Google’s response. The Times had Doug Pierce, the founder of …

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Google’s ‘Mugshot’ Update Misses New York Times’ First Example

Google pushed out a new algorithm update late last week (in addition to Penguin) aimed at penalizing sites that profit from public mugshots by making people who appear in them pay to have them removed. It’s been described as a racket, and has tarnished the online reputations of people, including those who were never actually convicted of any crimes. The …

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Google’s ‘Mugshot’ Update Has Been In The Works For The Majority Of The Year

As previously discussed, Google launched an algorithm update a few days ago (in addition to the latest Penguin launch) aimed at dealing with shady mugshot sites. The New York Times put out a big article about sites that collect mugshots and make people pay to have them removed ranking well in Google results. Google’s update prevents them from doing so. …

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