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Mars Rover Curiosity Drilling Rock Chosen

For more than a month now, Mars Rover Curiosity has been preparing to test its hammering drill on a Martian rock. The rover team took great pains to scan a low-lying area called “Yellowknife Bay” for the perfect rock specimen. Today, researchers have announced that the a flat rock with pale veins has been chosen as the target. Curiosity is …

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Mars Rover Curiosity Takes a Fourth Scoop

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity took its fourth scoop of Martian soil over the weekend and yesterday was issued commands to place a bit of the sample into the rover’s Chemistry and Mineralogy (CheMin) instrument. Another sieved portion of the scoop was to be placed into Curiosity’s observation tray. The rest of the sample will be vibrated in Curiosity’s sample processing …

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Mars Rover Curiosity’s Third Scoop Being Analyzed

Earlier this week, NASA announced that Mars rover Curiosity had taken its third scoop of Martian soil. Based on a previously announced plan, the third scoop was to be the first sample analyzed by Curiosity’s on-board equipment. Today NASA announced that a sample of Martian soil has successfully been placed into the rover’s Chemistry and Minerology (CheMin) instrument and is …

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Mars Rover Curiosity Takes a Third Scoop of Martian Soil

NASA has announced that Mars rover Curiosity will take its third scoop of Martian soil sometime today. While this may be the third scoop for the rover, it’s the first one that will be placed into its on-board equipment for analysis. Last week, Curiosity took its first scoop from the “Rocknest” site, where it has been for over a week. …

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Curiosity Beams Back First Color Panorama of Mars

Well, this is cool. Earlier in the week, NASA promised us bigger, color photos from the surface of Mars. And what do you know, mark them good on their word. That’s because the Curiosity rover has just sent the first color panaroma image from Gale Crater. Ok, it’s not in full resolution, but instead pieced together from 130 different 144×144 …

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Curiosity Rover Gives Us First 3D Images From Mars

Early monday morning, while much of the east coast was asleep, NASA landed the most technologically advanced mars rover ever, the Curiosity, on the surface of the Red Planet. And ever since, we’ve been treated to photos and videos from the rover’s descent, as well as its landing spot – inside the Gale Crater. At first, the images came in …

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