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Torrent Files Traced Back to Canadian Parliament Torrent Files Traced Back to Canadian Parliament

So, it’s simple to catch Internet pirates, eh? You just grab their IP address when they download stuff from Torrent sites, trace it back to the source and click the cuffs on those thieves. Except when the breadcrumb trail leads …

Roger Ebert Doesn’t Blame Piracy For Movie Industry Woes Roger Ebert Doesn’t Blame Piracy For Movie Industry Woes
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While famed movie critic Roger Ebert’s perspective on the movie industry isn’t directly related to the piracy acts that have been dominating Internet news, the fact that he doesn’t mention piracy once while discussing the industry’s financial woes resonates much …

Everything Is a Remix Exposes the Fallacy of Copyrights Gone Wild Everything Is a Remix Exposes the Fallacy of Copyrights Gone Wild
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Before we get too far, it should be noted that this author does not believe all entertainment should be available on a free for all basis. While that sounds good in theory, there’s nothing wrong with seeing an artist get …

AT&T, Comcast Preparing For Stricter Anti-Piracy Measures AT&T, Comcast Preparing For Stricter Anti-Piracy Measures
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Top Internet Service Providers and media groups are very close to a deal that would amount to one of the most serious anti-piracy measures to date. According to multiple sources, CNET is reporting that a group of ISPs that includes …

The Slow Checkmate Of Internet Control
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The specious arguments made and overly harsh penalties sought by the copyright (Big Media) industry would be comically absurd if systemic corruption didn’t immediately transform them into tragedies.
Pirate Bay

MPAA Knocks Movie Fan Site Offline
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When the realities of business and art crash into each other, it’s usually art that suffers. Bulls and China shops come to mind, as does the MPAA and the Internet. The Motion Picture Association of America’s latest pile of previously beautiful bits: Fanedit.org.

MPAA Sues Two Movie Sites
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The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), acting on behalf of the major studios, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles against Fombd.com and Movierumor.com for alleged copyright infringement.

The MPAA says the sites contribute to and profit from copyright infringement by identifying, posting, and indexing links to infringing content on the Internet allowing people to then view on-demand.

Studios Win $4 Million Suit Against Web Sites
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Hollywood has won a major lawsuit against movie linking Web sites ShowStash.com and Cinematube.net.

A federal judge in Los Angeles issued a $2.7 million judgment against Showstash for the infringement of more than a hundred copyrighted movies and television shows. A federal judge awarded the studios a similar judgment against Cinematube for $1.3 million.

The judgments come on the heels of another settlement in favor of the studios, which recently won a $110 million judgment against TorrentSpy.com.

TiVo Comes Under Attack

Sparks fly over copyright at Tech Policy Summit | Lawgarithms | ZDNet.com Denise Howell has an informative write up on a copyright debate held last week at the Tech Policy Summit in Hollywood.

Participants in the debate included TiVo VP and general counsel Matt Zinn, Executive Director of the Copyright Alliance Patrick Ross, Fred von Lohman from the EFF and moderator Doug Lichtman of UCLA Law School.

Two things I found interesting in the article.

MPAA Wrong On Piracy Prevalence

The Motion Picture Association of America is the latest poster child for reasons not to trust research put out by entities with vested interests in the results of the research. The MPAA is having to send out word that their previous estimates of movie piracy on college campuses were a bit overstated—by a factor of three.

MPAA Files Suit Against Two Web Sites
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The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has filed lawsuits against two Web sites that it says are committing copyright infringement by allowing the viewing of pirated films.

AT&T Wants To Be Copyright Police
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How would you feel about your ISP digging into the stuff you send out to check for pirated content? Sounds kind of Big-Brotherish, doesn’t? A sort of TSA for your data packets. Enter Ma Bell and the Copyright Police.

First HD-DVD On BitTorrent, MPAA Trembles

The first HD-DVD movie has finally found its way into the hallowed halls of BitTorrent. The move could be the first small pebble that starts an avalanche of HD-DVD content to be ripped, released, and scorned by the MPAA as a bane to civilization itself.

MPAA Hired A Hacker, Lawsuit Alleges

The Motion Picture Association of America hired a hacker to steal information from a company it accused of helping copyright violators-this according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday. In the suit, Torrentspy.com parent Valence Media alleges a man was paid $15,000 to pilfer e-mail correspondence and trade secrets.

Torrentspy To MPAA: Go Sue Google

In a nineteen-page response to a lawsuit filed by the MPAA and the major Hollywood studios, Torrentspy suggested in the motion to dismiss that the plaintiffs may as well sue Google for infringement.

BitTorrent And MPAA Find Common Ground

The creator of the high-speed file sharing application has linked up with Hollywood studios in an effort to clamp down on movie piracy and promote a way for film distributors to get their wares to users online.

Microsoft Aims Avalanche At BitTorrent

British researchers for the Redmond-based software and game console maker discussed the company’s work on a superfast peer to peer sharing system.

MPAA Sues TV Program Swappers

Some BitTorrent sites have been directing traffic for the exchange of television programs online.