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Neil Young Set to Unveil Pono, a New Music Player

With the advent of the smartphone, the world was introduced to another way to degrade the quality of music by attempting to stuff all media into one, singular device with extremely limited storage and processing capabilities. Unfortunately, this trend of ultra-music compression has only increased as listeners seek to cram more and more music into smaller and smaller devices responsible …

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Winamp Media Player Shuts Down In December 2013

Many of us remember from the Windows 98 days, as well as the introduction of MP3s, the uprising and popularity of Winamp Media Player. Before iTunes, it was the only well-known alternative to Windows Media Player at that time. Known for its slogan “It really whips the llama’s a**,” the long-time running media player will no longer be continuing next …

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Amazon AutoRip Gives You Free MP3s of CD Purchases, Retroactively

Amazon is looking to incentivize physical music sales by providing digital copies automatically and free of charge with each purchase. They’re also hoping that they can keep customers using their Cloud Player. Oh yeah, and it’s retroactive. We’re talking about Amazon “AutoRip,” a new service that gives customers MP3 versions of any CDs they purchase on Amazon. When a customer …

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Online Petition To Allow YouTube to MP3 Conversion Tops 1 Million Signatures

An online petition demanding YouTube to allow access for third party recording tools has topped 1.1 million signatures, and shows no signs of stopping. The petition, created by 21-year-old Philip Matesanz, asks Google to “break their silence and participate in an open and fair discussion” regarding the practice of translating YouTube videos into MP3 files. Matesanz is the creator of …

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YouTube Users File Petition To Allow For The Use Of Third-Party Recording Tools

Should YouTube users be allowed to rip the content they like to their hard drive, much like a person would use a DVR to record a television show of interest? Some users believe they should have such capabilities, and so, they’ve started a petition essentially asking for DVR rights when using YouTube. The petition comes on the heels of the …

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Neil Young Equates Piracy To Radio

Rovio boss Mikael Hed said that piracy equals exposure. Music legend Neil Young couldn’t agree more. At the Dive Into Media conference today, Neil Young spoke on music piracy and music quality. He detailed his solution to audio quality and his relationship with Steve Jobs. Speaking first on the MP3 format, Young said that digital formats are convenient, but they …

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