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News Corp Is Acquiring Move In $950 Million Deal

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp announced it is acquiring real estate website Move for $950 million to facilitate the home rentals and sales in the U.S. REA Group Limited, which is over 60% owned by News Corp, plans to hold a 20% stake in Move. News Corp itself will hold 80%. REA operates RealEstate.com.au in Australia. Move operates realtor.com, which displays …

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Julianne Hough and Brother Derek on Tough Childhoods, Today’s Success

Julianne Hough and older brother Derek Hough spoke recently with PEOPLE magazine about their tough childhoods and how that time led them to where they are today. Dancing With the Stars was essentially the catalyst that moved the brother and sister pair from simply being professional dancers to becoming household names. Derek was this season’s champion. Julianne has gone on …

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Birdie Africa, Survivor of MOVE Bombing Dies, at 41

Michael Ward, one of only two survivors of the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, died on Friday. Ward, 41, was found unconscious in a hot tub aboard a cruise ship in the Caribbean on Friday Mr. Ward’s father, Andino, said Wednesday that he and his son were vacationing with relatives. “It was a family cruise,” Ward said. “It was my 30th …

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‘Leap’ is the Most Accurate Motion Controller to Date

Motion controllers were supposed to be a big deal for gaming. Then we actually played them for an extended period of time. Let’s just say, that right now, we are in the dark ages of an emerging technology. Welcome to the light. The hands-free motion controller was introduced by Nintendo, with the Wii, then improved upon with the Microsoft Kinect …

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Frank Martin To Move To South Carolina

Coach Frank Martin, who has spent five years with the Kansas State Wildcats, has confirmed to ESPN that he’s accepted a position as head coach at South Carolina. The news comes just days after Martin denied the rumors that have been swirling around a move, telling CBS, “The stuff that gets out these days, I look at it as a …

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Sorcery Comes To PS3 This Summer

Just announced, the long awaited game for the Playstation Move motion controller, Sorcery arrives this summer on the PS3. This is the announcement from the Playstation Blog: “We are pleased to announce that one of the most highly anticipated titles for the PlayStation 3 home console and the PlayStation Move motion control peripheral, the fantasy spell-casting game Sorcery, will be …

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