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Facebook Wants Players To Become Payers Facebook Wants Players To Become Payers

It’s already been proven that people spend a lot of money on Facebook games. Heck, 12 percent of Facebook’s revenue comes from players buying stuff in Zynga’s games. There are still quite a few people who don’t want to pay …

Interview: Skimlinks CEO on Pinterest Relationship and Affiliate Marketing Interview: Skimlinks CEO on Pinterest Relationship and Affiliate Marketing
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Just in case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is currently one of the hottest startups. In fact, based on data from ratings firm comScore, it is the third fastest growing site in the U.S. So, apparently if you haven’t jumped on …

Exclusive: Does Facebook’s IPO Make Good Business Sense? Exclusive: Does Facebook’s IPO Make Good Business Sense?
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Companies file for IPOs all the time, but the recent filing by social networking giant Facebook has seemed to connect with nearly everyone, and in a big way. On Wednesday, Facebook filed for its IPO in hopes to raise $5 billion or more, which would make it the largest initial public offering from an Internet or technology company.

GotCast CEO on the Intersection of Technology and Hollywood GotCast CEO on the Intersection of Technology and Hollywood
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With celebrities quickly taking to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it’s clear that the entertainment industry is embracing technology and the digital space. What’s interesting is that some people in Hollywood are finding that they prefer the freedom technology and the Internet provide, as actor Kevin Pollak explained to us in this interview:

Is Advertising the Best Option for a Business Model? Is Advertising the Best Option for a Business Model?
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It’s no secret that many businesses today, especially in the tech industry, create great services but wait until after their service has taken off to come up with a revenue model. Twitter, for instance, is one very useful company that began this way.

YouTube Reaches Out With Revenue-Sharing Program

YouTube’s Partner Program has, as a general rule, allowed in only content creators who produce original and heavily viewed clips on a consistent basis.  This was a smart and safe approach.  But it’s an approach that also excluded a lot of very popular one-off videos, and YouTube’s now seeking to correct the problem.

Pandora Back Atop Apple’s App Store
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Pandora’s music discovery app has returned to its rightful place atop the Apple App Store. Sirius XM Radio gave them a pretty good run in the music category, edging out Pandora for several weeks. Alas, it wasn’t meant to be though.

Don’t Expect a Facebook IPO for a Few Years
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg spoke at the Reuters Global Technology Summit on Tuesday, and declined to confirm recent reports that the company had held discussions regarding $150 million in funding (as reported by VentureBeat) and turned down $200 million (as reported by TechCrunch).

Can YouTube Monetize the Hulu Way?
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Market research firm eMarketer has some interesting numbers looking at possible YouTube revenue. The firm pulls from a variety of sources to get a feel for just how the popular Google-owned video site is doing.

For starters, they refer to YouTube as the fifth most popular US web brand according to Nielsen, though March saw the site drop slightly to number 6.

Learning from Google & Further Monetizing Your eCommerce Site
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John Federman of Searchandise CommerceThe number of businesses selling online is quite large, and its only growing. Advertisers need spots where they can shine.  I spoke with John Federman, President and CEO of Searchandise Commerce about some things that can not only give those spots to advertisers, but earn eCommerce sites

LinkedIn Stands Out in Terms of Revenue
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LinkedIn is a social network that often gets lost in the shuffle with greater attention being paid to Facebook and Twitter, but LinkedIn is making money focusing on its niche of professional networking.

Marketing Shift, which notes that LinkedIn just came off its most successful quarter yet, takes a look at the network’s "three-pronged" revenue model:

Search Comes Home on Twitter
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It looks like the Twitter search box on the front page thing is coming to the mainstream. It was recently announced but only available to a very limited number of people.

More people are seeing this along with a pull-down menu for trends now, including myself. I never get these types of things before other people, so that’s probably a sign it’s on the way very shortly for everybody else.

Advertisers and Developers Monetize Social Media Apps
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Facebook has been encouraging developers to monetize their apps. They’ve recently gone so far as to create resources to help developers build business models around them.

One example of app monetization at work comes from the company Offerpal Media. This is a company that not only utilizes Facebook in its business model, but MySpace and other social networks as it enables both advertisers and developers to monetize apps.

Facebook Wants You to Monetize Your Apps
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FacebookFacebook has addressed the monetization of Facebook Platform for people building applications into businesses. They’ve set up some new pages to help people share ideas with other developers on how to get the most out of their apps. Among the pages are:

Revenue-Generating Products In the Mix for Twitter
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Twitter co-founder Biz Stone announced some big news today about the company accepting an offer it couldn’t refuse. Twitter has not been actively seeking funding, but due to its enormous growth, some parties just couldn’t resist courting them.

Schmidt: YouTube Monetization Tools On The Way
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Eric Schmidt didn’t go so far as to promise a profit, and for that matter, he never even nailed down a date.  Yet it looks like Google is attacking the problem of monetizing YouTube, and will release some tools within the next eight months.

Gmail For Mobile Update Offers Improvements
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Don’t you hate it when a supposed “advance” becomes something to be feared?  Think of the iPhone updates, or Yahoo’s switch from Musicmatch Jukebox to Yahoo Music Jukebox.  Luckily, an upgrade to Gmail for mobile really is better in almost every way.

YouTubers Threaten Revolt! (Again)
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One thing you can count on in a user-generated world is passion, and threats to leave because of changes. Another thing you can count on is that they probably don’t mean it, and there’s a good chance their anger’s misplaced.

Google On Top In Search Monetization

A new report from Searchlgnite and RBC Capital Markets says that Google has exceeded both Yahoo and Microsoft in revenue earned per search in the second quarter of 2007.

Domain Name Monetization

Many Internet Marketers fail to realize that having multiple domain names can be fundamental to your success in marketing your own product or engaged in affiliate marketing. The good news is that with the availability of domain coupon codes and innovative web hosting, you can build a virtual empire easily, even if you’re just starting out.

Let’s look at this scenario:

You’re a new affiliate marketer starting out, and you want to generate some sales. What do you do?

Is Rocketboom A Dud?

Though Andrew Baron’s Rocketboom video blog has garnered a lot of attention as the benchmark vlog, it is also (inadvertently) becoming a case study in monetization. Baron doesn’t seem to mind this open experiment, except that he’s come to the realization that advertising just isn’t paying the bills.