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Human Brain-to-Brain Interface Demonstrated [VIDEO]

Last month, researchers at Harvard University revealed that they have developed a brain-to-brain interface that can allow humans to control the movements of rats. Now, researchers at the University of Washington are claiming to have gone a step further, creating a brain-to-brain interface to send signals between two humans. The researchers believe they have created the first noninvasive human brain-to-brain …

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People Are Now Controlling Drones With Their Minds

The drones of today are controlled via a remote control. The drones of tomorrow will be controlled via your brain. University of Minnesota Biomedical Engineering Professor Bin He recently unveiled his latest project – a drone that can be controlled with brain waves. The device in question is a skullcap with a variety of sensors place on the outside of …

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Stanford Scientist Trying To Hack Into Hawking’s Brain

The desire to use robotics to help people regain mobility has been around for a few years now. Until recently the research has been moving along to help people regain mobility by implanting devices into people’s brains to pick up their electrical impulses and it has had varying degrees of success. Last month the announcement of a new arm that …

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DARPA Develops Robotic Arm Controlled By Thoughts

The things that man can continually do these days never ceases to amaze me. A lot of the stuff lately seems to come from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). They recently started a competition to have companies make more human like robots to complete challenges. Now the smarty pants’ over at DARPA have come up with something truly amazing. …

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