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Obama To Nominate Vice Admiral Mike Rogers To Head Up The NSA

Back in October, it was announced that Gen. Keith Alexander would be stepping down as head of the NSA. While it was presumed his resignation was caused by the Snowden leaks, the government maintains that his resignation has been a long time coming. Either way, a replacement is on the way. The Hill reports that Obama is close to announcing …

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Rep. Mike Rogers Is Not Giving Up On CISPA

Back in April, the House once again passed CISPA – a controversial cybersecurity bill that would allow the government to share information with private companies and vice versa. At the time, opponents said it didn’t have enough privacy safeguards to prevent the NSA from nabbing subscriber data, but recent revelations regarding the agency have already shown such actions to be …

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CISPA Is Looking Better, But Privacy Proponents Still Aren’t Satisfied

Rep. Adam Schiff announced on Friday that he would be introducing a pro-privacy amendment to CISPA that would force companies to remove any identifiable information from data it shares with the government. Surprisingly enough, the bill’s authors seem to be taking this amendment, and other pro-privacy amendments, seriously. The Hill reports that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers and ranking …

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Should You Be Concerned About The Return Of CISPA?

On Wednesday of last week, we heard that the House Intelligence Committee was going to reintroduce CISPA after working with the White House on a revised bill that sufficiently addressed the Obama administration’s concerns. The hope of a reworked, and potentially privacy friendly, CISPA was good while it lasted because the bill’s co-sponsors aren’t going to change a thing. The …

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CISPA Sponsor Doesn’t Think Obama Will Veto CISPA

We haven’t heard much from the CISPA/SOPA front, but every now and then, an eager-to-please-the-entertainment-industry representative pops up to remind us that legislation like the widely rejected SOPA and CISPA is still on the minds of some folks in Washington. One such representative, Mike Rogers (R-Michigan), is going as far to say that he doubts President Obama would veto CISPA, …

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