Microsoft Vista Articles

Searches For Microsoft Vista Surge

Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, Vista isn’t yet breaking any sales records. According to some reports, the launch of the new operating system didn’t even draw a midnight crowd. People are curious about Windows Vista, though – data from Hitwise reveals that searches for the term are up 53%. I had a cynical reaction when I saw LeeAnn Prescott’s headline: "What kind of ‘start date’ does that 53% reflect?" My cynicism abated once I’d digested the second sentence of her piece.

Vista To Be More Generous Than Santa

Once Microsoft Vista gets into the marketplace, it will benefit the economy and drive job creation in the tech industry; no word on whether it will whiten teeth and freshen breath though.

Vista RC2 Released; Delays Still Possible

Windows Vista is, after many delays, taking a noticeable step forward.

Vista 60 Percent Rewrite Is All Speculation

A report from an Australian publication citing a source at Acer Australia claimed up to 60 percent of the Windows Vista code needed to be rewritten, and Xbox engineers were being moved over to help with the programming.