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‘Max: The Curse of Brotherhood’ Out For Xbox One

As far as console launch exclusives go, Microsoft’s Xbox One had a solid slate of titles. Missing among the violence of Ryse and Dead Rising 3, however, was an exclusive family title (like the PlayStation 4’s Knack, for instance) that younger gamers could enjoy. Microsoft today filled in that gap with the release of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood. The …

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‘Project Spark’ Beta Begins Today, Only on PC

When Microsoft finally announced Xbox One games at E3, most of the announcements weren’t surprising. A new Halo game was teased, Microsoft had gotten Capcom to make Dead Rising 3 an exclusive, and the microtransaction-riddled launch trio of Forza 5, Ryse, and Crimson Dragon were all there, as well as a multitude of third-party titles. Along with these triple-a showpieces, …

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Xbox PC Marketplace Closing This Month

Microsoft today announced that it will be closing the PC Marketplace on August 22. The closure will come as part of the scheduled Xbox 360 system update that will retire Microsoft Points, converting the entire system over to real currency. Luckily for Dark Souls fans, gamers will still be able to play already-purchased PC games that use the much …

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