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Michelle Monaghan To Team Up With “Breaking Bad” Star

Michelle Monaghan will reportedly team up with Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul for a new Hulu show called The Way. Monaghan will play Paul’s wife on the series, which will premiere this winter. According to ComingSoon, the show focuses on “Eddie Cleary, a convert to a controversial movement with a wayward past. He’s a husband and father who suffers a …

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Rachel McAdams Featured in New ‘Halo’ Trailer, Loves New Role in ‘True Detective’

Rachel McAdams stars in the new season of True Detective, which is set to premiere on June 21st. It’s important for fans, however, not to expect to see her play one of her typical roles. “I love that she’s not the girlfriend or the wife,” Rachel McAdams explains in the June issue of Marie Claire about her character. McAdams will …

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Michelle Monaghan’s Film, ‘The Best of Me,’ Slammed in ‘Good Morning America’ Review

Michelle Monaghan’s new film, The Best of Me, has been slammed by Good Morning America‘s movie critic David Blaustein. Blaustein didn’t seem to have too much to say about Monaghan’s performance, but he had plenty to say about casting and the plot of the Nicholas Sparks’ tearjerker. “The Best of Me, the latest film to be based on a Nicholas …

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Michelle Monaghan, James Marsden: ABC Gives ‘Best of Me’ Poor Review

Michelle Monaghan might be the best part of The Best of Me–at least according to a review published by ABC News earlier this weekend. The latest of a few films based on books by Nicholas Sparks, the review calls the casting ‘bad,’ the dialogue ‘ham-handed,’ and the digital manipulation of the film ‘obvious.’ Twenty-one years after going their separate ways, …

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Michelle Monaghan On “Romantic” Nicholas Sparks Role

Michelle Monaghan has several successful credits under her belt, including Source Code and The Bourne Supremacy, but after her intriguing star-turn on the HBO megahit True Detective earlier this year, her name is everywhere. And now that she’s starring in a Nicholas Sparks adaptation, her talent is about to reach a huge audience who likely have their tissues at the …

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