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Breaking Bad Is the Best Show on TV…According to Guinness

Walter White – the one who knocks, the danger, and the force behind the highest-rated show on TV? In the upcoming 2014 edition of the Guinness World Records, Breaking Bad will have its own entry. It’ll be in there under the record “Highest-Rated TV Series.” So I guess Guinness just settled it – Breaking Bad beats The Wire. Now everybody …

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Metacritic Scores 2012’s Best Game Publishers

Metacritic, the popular video game review aggregator, has released its third yearly breakdown of the best gaming publishers. The rankings come as an aggregate of the critic Metacritic scores of each publisher’s titles released in 2012. Sales and user reviews are not taken into account. Somewhat surprisingly, Electronic Arts (EA) has topped review charts this year. This is despite being …

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The Day Belongs To Modern Warfare 3

When Activision launched the sequel to the Infinity Ward gem, Modern Warfare, the second installment broke all kinds of video game-related sales records. Can we expect a repeat now that Modern Warfare 3 is available? If I were a magic eight ball, signs would point to yes. Not that I have special insight to the purchasing habits of gamers, but …

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