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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Delivers Heart-Racing Finale

Just in case you were wondering if Grey’s Anatomy was starting to flat line on the drama, its winter finale cliffhanger likely proved otherwise. Filled with twists and turns, the season ten mid season finale featured a variety of surprising …

Major Publishers Project $3 Billion in Digital Subscription Revenue by 2014

Next Issue Media, a digital publishing consortium made up of Condé Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp., and Time, has revealed findings from a study on consumer demand for digital newspaper and magazine products. According to the consortium, $3 billion in subscription revenue is expected by 2014.

After accounting for potential cannibalization of some print subscriptions, the industry could realize $1.3 billion in incremental revenue, the consortium says.

Is This the Answer for Online News Revenue?

Leading publishers are getting together for what is widely being considered something of a "Hulu for magazines." Publishers involved include Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corporation and Time Inc.

Google Debuts Facebook News App

Google may have this social networking thing down, after all – although it was just formally announced on Friday, a Google News app for Facebook already has almost 2,300 daily active users.

Healia’s Health Search Branches Out
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The average person may or may not have heard of Healia, a health search engine.  But since two new search tools have been added on, he (or she) is now about three times as likely to become familiar with it.

Meredith Gets Hold Of Healia

Healia, a health search engine, has been acquired by Meredith, a media and marketing company.  Little else is known about the deal, though both parties seem to have gone out of their way to note that no alarming changes will take place.

Meredith Acquires Health Search Engine Healia
The vertical search engine Healia, a health search engine that specializes in finding high-quality and personalized health information, has been acquired by Meredith Corporation.

Bad Plan and a Bad CMS Implementation

One of the biggest mistakes really large publishers make today is doing SEO like it’s 1999. They throw up hundreds, thousands, and sometimes millions of pages, with the belief that more is better. This has grown exponentially with web 2.0 and blogging apps and cross-tagging, listing and publishing content in multiple spots. Here’s an example that’s pretty typical of a problem I see with alarming frequency.

Meredith May Acquire Parents, Child, Fitness and Family Circle

Meredith is planning to acquire Parents, Child, Fitness and Family Circle magazines from Gruner + Jahr for $350 million provided all closing conditions are met.

Satirist Calls Out My Teammate Over Client Blog

A satirist at MediaPost has penned a fake memo from my colleague, Meredith Topalanchik, to our client …