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78,000 Want To Live On Mars: Mars One Colony Filling Fast
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When Mars One announced that they were opening up applications for permanent residency in their proposed permanent colony, they expected to generate some interest. After all, they’re shooting for a half million applicants. What they did not expect, according to …

These Guys Want to Launch a Reality Show on Mars in 2023
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A human settlement on the Red Planet is only about a decade away, according to the folks at the privately funded space project Mars One. “Mars One will take humanity to Mars in 2023, to establish the foundation of a …

Mars One To Put Man Permanently On Mars In 2023
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Mars One has a goal. That goal is to put 4 humans on a one way trip to Mars. Thats right, one way, as in no one is coming back home. The idea is from Holland, isn’t that weird? The …