Tunnels Under Rome Being Mapped to Prevent Further Damage to City

Tunnels Under Rome Being Mapped to Prevent Further Damage to City

By Shana Norris December 3, 2013

An extensive series of ancient tunnels and quarries under Rome are threatening parts of the city that has been built atop them. Many years ago, Rome’s earliest architects discovered that tuff, or rock made of consolidated volcanic ash, was a …

Maps Get A Makeover At Local.com

One week ago, Local.com declared that it had secured a patent “For [An] Ad-Supported 411 Local Search Model,” and the company’s stock skyrocketed as a result.  Today’s announcement, which involves “Enhanced Interactive Mapping Capabilities,” is less likely to produce that effect, but it’s still interesting.

Local Mapping Service Thinks Globally

PublicRoutes.com, a search engine for public transportation directions has expanded its service to include London. The London launch marks the first time a company has offered directions for public transportation in more than one country.

The site offers users point-to-point directions and covers all forms of transportation. It also offers directions to a city’s main attractions such as restaurants, sporting venues and nightlife spots along with the option to book hotels and flight reservations.

Mmm, Beer As A Map Mashup

BeerMapping.com offers a service that focuses on connecting people who prefer a decent pint with the breweries and brewpubs offering those beverages.

McAfee: The Internet Is Risky Business

It’s no secret that the Internet is rife with phishing and malware sites that look to prey upon unsuspecting web surfers. In a recent study, McAfee decided to take a geographical look at both the safest and riskiest places to surf the web.

Mapping Obsession with Yahoo Mail

In one sense it’s kind of cool that apparent addresses are underlined in Yahoo Mail now, allowing you to generate a map, enter them into a new contact, etc.

However, this thing’s overzealous. Quite often I want to cut and paste some contents of an email, but the underlined text wants to fire up a map instead of behave.

Google Clinches Two Big Patents

Google has clinched two significant patents this week. The first patent is related to methods for estimating similarity between web pages and documents.

Google Buys Swiss Mapping Company

Google continues its pattern of omnigooglization in Europe by acquiring the Internet, mapping and data processing units of Switzerland-based Endoxon, for an undisclosed sum.

Urban Mapping Turns To Local Search

Urban Mapping, a company that “prides itself on broad domain expertise,” has been around for a while – its maps have actually won several awards. It’s getting fresh attention, though, for what one person has termed its “natural local search.”

Metrobot’s Unique Mobile Mapping Alternative

This is a cool map search utility, designed for mobile users.

ZoomIn Takes Aim at Google Maps Down Under

Exploring Australia or finding places just got alot easier… ZoomIn lets you add your own places to the community map, create groups of places, upload photos and leave comments.

Google Mapping KML Applications

Google used the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas this week as a launching pad for mobile maps functions based on key markup language (KML) files, downloadable from fellow Trekker developers.

PRWeb Sub-Domain Mapping for RSS Feeds
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PRWeb announced today that they are now offering a service that will allow their press release distribution clients the ability to map the company domain name to the RSS feed of the release hosted by PRWeb.

Microsoft Mapping The Real-Time World

Google may want to organize the world’s information, but Microsoft wants to let you know how long you’re going to have to wait for a table at Red Lobster on Friday evening.

Windows Live Product Search Coming

LiveSide reports that Windows Live Product Search is in development. Much like Froogle, WLPS would have price comparisons, and add Windows Live staples like detail sliders to hide/show metadata.

Placebase Plots Course Past Google Maps
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The needs of commercial developers for mapping applications goes beyond even what the mighty Google can offer, and Placebase believes they have a better solution available.

Ask Challenges The Online Mapping Crowd

Ask.com launched its revamped Maps product at SES 2006 NY last week to the warm approval of users, and called out its competition on imagery quality.