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Zynga Shutting Down Mafia Wars 2 On December 30
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It’s common knowledge that Zynga isn’t doing so hot anymore. The company has already laid off over 100 employees in an attempt to cut costs, but now the social games maker is shutting down entire games that aren’t performing to …

Zynga to Spend Billions to Acquire Competitors

Unless you’ve been living off the social networking grid, chances are you’ve heard of Zynga. I personally know several individuals who have spent vast amounts of their precious free time on such highly-addictive titles as “Farmville” and “Mafia Wars”, among …

Mafia Wars Virus Infected Air Force Drones Mafia Wars Virus Infected Air Force Drones
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Recently, there were reports of a virus infecting the drone aircraft used by the United States Air Force, much like the one that leads this article. While the impact of the infection appears to be minimum, provided you take the …

Farmville Maker Zynga Teams Up with Yahoo
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Yahoo and Zynga, makers of the massively popular Farvmville and Mafia Wars games on Facebook, have struck a new deal. Yahoo now gets these games as well, which is a significant indication that Zynga will not need Facebook alone to thrive.