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USA Sochi Uniforms: Made In America

The uniforms that Team USA will wear during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games to be held next month in Sochi, Russia, have been unveiled. Designed by Ralph Lauren, the new Olympic uniforms are brimful of stars and stripes with lots of red, white and blue.  Take one look at the team’s outfits and there is absolutely no mistaking what …

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A$AP Rocky Gets Charged with Assualt

According to TMZ, American rapper, A$AP Rocky is facing a misdemeanor assault charge after allegedly slapping a female fan. The alleged assault happened this past weekend at the rappers, “Made in America” concert in Philadelphia. Apparently, the person that filed the charge is a young mom who was attending the concert. According to the TMZ report, the young woman was …

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Made in America Festival: Check-in on Foursquare, Snag Some Pretty Sweet Perks

Besides the points, badges, and generally satisfying feeling you get for checking-in with Foursquare, merchants have been known to offer perks for customers that use the app. Walk around your town, you’ll probably find a store that gives 10% off for a first check-in, or a coffee house that gives free drinks to whoever holds the mayorship. But on a …

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Google Steps Up their Game with American Made Nexus Q Player

Google’s new wireless home media player, the Nexus Q, features something you won’t find on too many other electric devices these day. No, it’s not some crazy new microchip, it’s a simple laser etched tag that says, “Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A”. A novelty to be sure, most companies have abandoned the high costs of American manufacturing in favor …

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