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Madden NFL 25 Release Date: August 27

Yesterday EA teased that something called Madden 25 would be coming later this year on August 27. Today the publisher confirmed that it will, in fact, be the next yearly game in the Madden franchise, titled Madden NFL 25. “There’s no better way to celebrate and mark the culmination of 25 years of innovation than by naming this year’s game …

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EA Announces “Madden 25” is Coming August 27

Now that EA has revealed to investors that its third quarter revenue was down compared to one year ago, the publisher has been taking the opportunity to reveal bits of news that might not have gone over well before the financial release. It admitted that Medal of Honor: Warfighter was a disaster, and announced that the Medal of Honor games …

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Have A Heaping Helping Of Wii U Launch Trailers

The Wii U comes out this Sunday, and the marketing machine is going into overdrive. Games for the new console are already being shipped to retailers, and publishers are getting the word out. Here’s the latest launch trailers featuring some of the Wii U’s more unique functionality in games. First up is Electronic Arts. The publisher is bringing three games …

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Madden NFL13 Sold 900,000 Copies on Its First Day, Broke Record (Sort of)

It was a given that Madden NFL 13 would sell big. It’s one of the franchises that EA counts on to underpin its year-to-year business and one that the company loves to talk about when addressing investors. It’s no surprise, then, that EA announced this week that its internal estimates place sales for the game at 900,000 copies during the …

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Madden NFL 13 Kicks Off the Holiday Gaming Season

Madden NFL 13 has been released and the game has kicked off what is sure to be huge holiday season for gamers and video game publishers. The coming months will see the release of many blockbuster game titles, including Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Resident Evil 6, Dishonored, Assassin’s Creed III, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo 4, and …

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Madden NFL 13 Hits Stores, Cover Man Calvin Johnson Says Gameplay Is “Ridiculous”

Madden NFL 13 came out today at stores throughout North America. According to makers EA, it’s a big one for the Madden legacy. “Madden NFL 13 is the biggest game-changer in the history of the franchise,” said Cam Weber, GM of American Football at EA SPORTS. “Madden NFL 13 will deliver to our consumers the most realistic gameplay ever, and …

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