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Google Street View Now Lets You Tour Madagascar, The World’s Oldest Island

Google announced that Street View has come to Madagascar, which is said to be the world’s oldest island. According to Guinness World Records, Madagascar became an island around 80-100 million years ago, when it split off from the Indian subcontinent. It has an area of 587,041 kmĀ² (226,657 milesĀ²), and ranks as the world’s fourth largest island. “For almost 88 …

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Bubonic Plague: 47 Dead in Madagascar

Bubonic plague has killed 47 people in Madagascar, and health officials fear the death toll will only rise. The outbreak–similar to the Black Death that invaded Europe during medieval times–is spreading to the capital, Antananarivo. The health ministry suspects as many as 138 cases have cropped up since the first of the year. Two are now infected in Antananarivo. One …

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Netflix’s ‘All Hail King Julien’ Gets Release Date

Earlier this year, Netflix announced three new original series from DreamWorks animation. These would be based on King Julien from the Madagascar films, Puss in Boots, and Veggie Tales. The company announced today that it has given All Hail King Julien a release date – December 19 – and that the first five episodes will be available on that date, …

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Netflix Announces 3 New DreamWorks Originals

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation just announced three new original series to debut on Netflix later this year: King Jullen, Puss In Boots and Veggie Tales in the House. King Jullen is the lemur from the Madagascar films, and is getting his own series. Puss In Boots, made famous by the Shrek films, and then his own movie, is as well. …

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