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Nintendo Announces New Black Friday Bundles, Sales

Black Friday is quickly approaching and cost-conscious gamers are already on the look out for some great deals. Sony was the first out of the gate last week with details regarding its Black Friday plans, and now it’s Nintendo’s turn. Nintendo announced this morning that it has two new bundles and a large selection of sales that will go live …

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Check Out Nintendo’s Awesome Poltergust 5000 Replica

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon officially kicked off the Year of Luigi this week. To help celebrate the launch, Nintendo partnered with game art community iam8bit to create a replica of Luigi’s Poltergust 5000. Now we just need to strap a Luigi hat on Reggie Fils-Aime, give him this Poltergust 5000, and send him off with Shigeru Miyamoto to hunt ghosts.

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Miyamoto Becomes A Ghostbuster, Talks Up Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

The business world will tell you that the Wii U is doomed. After all, the console only sold 57,000 units in January, which is by all accounts pretty bad. That being said, Nintendo is taking it all in stride, and are even having a little fun. You may remember Nintendo President Satoru Iwata sporting a Luigi hat last week in …

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Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Gets 4 Player Online Co-Op

The first Luigi’s Mansion has often been described as Nintendo’s first and only foray into survival horror. Part of the appeal was that Luigi was all by himself as he attempted to solve the mystery of the mansion and save his brother. The sequel – Dark Moon – retains that same foreboding atmosphere, but players can now take on a …

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