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Google Robot ‘Cujo’ Carries Weapons For The Marines

Back in the Winter, Google acquired Boston Dynamics, the robotics firm known for a number of nightmare-inducing robot models, and for working with DARPA. The New York Times reported at the time that Google said it would honor existing military contracts, but that it didn’t plan to move toward becoming a military contractor. Now, reports have come out that the …

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DARPA’s Robot Mule Is Even Scarier Than Before

Remember DARPA’s LS3 robotic mule from a few moths back. At that point, the robot was just beginning to learn how to walk on rugged terrain and make horrifying noises. Now it’s back and better than ever which means it’s all the more terrifying. Here’s the full rundown of the new enhancements made to the LS3 according to DARPA: Working …

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