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No Zep Tickets? The Song Remained The Same

If not for the Internet, you would be waiting for either 90 seconds of coverage on the 11 o’clock news, or the morning paper to find out about Led Zeppelin’s tribute to Atlantic Records late founder Ahmet Ertegun.

The Future of Web Apps London
Well it’s been a busy and crazy week but I’ve finally got some time to tell you all about my 3 Days in London attending The mashup* demo event and of course the awesome Future of Web Apps Conference and Expo which included the Live Filming of Episode 118 of Diggnation and the Carsonified Relaunch Party!

Google Street View Spreads To Europe?
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Four days ago, Google’s Global Privacy Counsel wrote a blog post about Street View and respecting other countries’ laws.  At the time, we believed his comments were directed at Canada.  But they may also apply to England; what appears to be one of Google Street View’s camera cars has been sighted in London.

Facebook’s London Audience Increases

New York’s network on Facebook is impressive, but not the biggest out there – both Vancouver and Toronto have it beat.  London’s the dominant location, however, and a Facebook employee made note of this fact over the weekend.

Google Earth Won’t Get Virtual London

I’ve seen it: an amazing 3D model of London that was meant to wind up in Google Earth.  Only now, due to what I’ll politely call “bureaucratic nonsense,” it won’t.

Rumor: MySpace Swap For Yahoo Stake
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News Corp could be offering Jerry Yang a deal where they would trade MySpace in exchange for a stake in Yahoo.

Webcasts from Google Developer Day

As you may know, tomorrow (May 31st 2007) Google will hold a developer day in different locations around the world. If you can’t make it, you can watch the developer day webcasts for Mountain View and London – and if you do make it, please add your photos and other impressions in the forum thread.

According to a Google press release, the webcasts will include:

Twitter – Uncommon Uses
In a continuation of my series Uncommon Uses (previously Podcasts, wikis and SMS text interfaces) I thought I’d look at Twitter, for such a new simple tool I’m thinking most of the uses are Uncommon Uses. One of the things that made Twitter take off was it’s simplicity and with that simplicity comes the ability for it’s users to mold it into what they want.

Who’s Going to Emetrics London?

One of the biggest conferences in terms of Web Analytics, the Emetrics Summit, is quickly coming up at the end of March (this time in London). 

SES London: Linkbait & When It’s Not

The link baiting season promised to be one of the highlights of SES London. With linkbait being one of the hottest contemporary SEO themes, the crowds filled the room to hear what the industry experts were going to share.

The widget as link bait

First up, Nick Wilson gave a good high level introduction to ‘viral link building’. Giving a passionate speech, Nick discussed widgets as the ultimate linkbait, and his observations were well worth hearing.

Heellloou Jason Calacanis

SES London: When is a Link Farm NOT a Link Farm?

If you were at SES London, you might have heard one or two little nuggets that seemed inconsequential at first, but were probably more important than you realise.

I was lurking toward the back of the room at the Linking Strategies Session when (I think) Tom Alby from Ask made a comment about hubs and authorities. He said that the difference between a link farm and a hub is that at least one or two authority sites would be linking back to the hub.

SES London: Touching Your Local Customers

Local search marketing tactics need to consider the needs of the desired customer base, and where they might go to satisfy those needs.

SES London: Getting The Most Out of Blogging/RSS
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In the last few years the blogosphere has swelled, or evolved perhaps, from a loose and obscure collection of early adopters shooting from the hip into an all-encompassing theater of discourse. In this theater nowadays, your presence as a business professional is just short (very short) of required, but shooting from the hip, or half-arseing your online presence, is an enterprise best left to the MySpace drones.

SES London: Targeting Local Search

WebProNews guest correspondent Debbie Harrison has provided us with more coverage of the Search Engine Strategies conference in London. Today’s coverage will focus on local search marketing.

SES London: Google Working on

The Meet The Crawlers session included reps from the big 4 search engines (Ask is now as big as Live by many counts).

During the QandA one of the subjects discussed was the supplemental index and Dan Crow of Google made a curious statement. I paraphrase, but basically Google is working on a ‘Psuedo Pagerank’ algorithm that will compute pagerank for pages that do not receive ‘regular’ pagerank.

Matt Cutts Speaks Up At SES London
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Matt Cutts has left the country. Google didn’t transfer him, though, and he didn’t run away – Cutts only temporarily crossed the pond to drop in at the Search Engine Strategies Conference in London. Cutts actually gave the “keynote conversation,” which Chris Sherman moderated.

Is Google Shifting Site Targeting Program to CPC?

At least one panelist (David Szetela) on the Ad Program Strategies: Compare and Contrast panel here at SES London, argued that while he liked the control of Google’s Site Targeted flavour of content targeting, he wasn’t so fussy about the CPM-based pricing model.

UK Newspapers Dress To Please (Google)

Although certain Belgian news associations have tried to distance themselves from Google, British newspapers are taking the opposite approach. Some have bought search terms in order to “up” their exposure; others have attempted to optimize their websites and their articles according to the search engine’s preferences.

MP3 Player Robs ATM

Technology has allowed criminals to become more creative in their methods of robbery, as a United Kingdom gang member managed to steal credit card secrets of ATM users with an ordinary MP3 player.

The New PR in London

Heading into London this afternoon for the Delivering The New PR conference tomorrow.

Hobson’s Upcoming Speaking Gigs and Conferences

There are some great learning and professional development events taking place in Europe during the next few weeks that you might want to consider being part of.

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