London Articles

MP3 Player Robs ATM

Technology has allowed criminals to become more creative in their methods of robbery, as a United Kingdom gang member managed to steal credit card secrets of ATM users with an ordinary MP3 player.

The New PR in London

Heading into London this afternoon for the Delivering The New PR conference tomorrow.

Hobson’s Upcoming Speaking Gigs and Conferences

There are some great learning and professional development events taking place in Europe during the next few weeks that you might want to consider being part of.

Delivering The New PR in Edinburgh

Arrived in Scotland’s capital late this afternoon for Delivering The New PR, the fourth in the series of one day conferences organized by the University of Sunderland, which takes place tomorrow.

Mashing up the New PR

Well over 150 communicators participated in Delivering The New PR, the one-day conference in London last Friday organized by Philip Young at the University of Sunderland.

Speed Pitches Offers No-Hassle Vendor Evaluation

I’m a guy that likes to “cut to the chase”, if ever we meet and you have an agenda, feel free to hit me with it.

Events This Month

Wiki Wednesday London was an absolute blast. Good turnout of wiki enthusiasts, geek girls and folks I’ve met before.

Wikipedia to Remain Ad Free

Contrary to earlier reports, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is now saying there will be no ads in Wikipedia.

Google Space Could Expand Beyond London

The experimental Internet browsing center set up and staffed by Google at London’s Heathrow Airport could be an experiment repeated elsewhere.

Robotic Fish Swim In London

A carp-like creation, with embedded sensors and realistic movement, was three years in the making and may be the the smartest robotic fish developed to date.

H&K’s Emergency Response Blog

If you haven’t read Niall Cook’s description of the blog Hill & Knowlton’s London office created to address the terrorist situation, it’s worth your time.

London’s Citizen Journalists Slammed In The Guardian

John Naughton, in today’s Guardian: Why I have serious doubts about the ‘citizen reporters’…

London Bombing Victims Treated at Duke

Two young women, sisters and college students from Tennessee, underwent reconstructive surgery on Monday at Duke University Hospital after surviving last week’s horrific subway bombings in London.

High Search Engine Ranking – A Blessing and a Curse

One of the beauties of having a highly ranked site that is regularly visited by search engine bots is that you can very quickly rise to the top of search engines on a breaking news story. This can be a wonderful thing – but it can also be something of a curse. Let me illustrate.

UK Hunting London Bomb Suspects

Police and investigators will be aided by the nearly ubiquitous presence of security cameras throughout London.

Crude Oil Plummets After London Disaster

Light sweet crude, after opening at a record high of $62.30, this morning plummeted to $59.05 after news of the London subway bombings on Thursday morning. The price started a rally but didn’t go back above $61.

London Attack Blogger Round-up

Because of today’s horrible events in London, England, the majority of our blogging contributors devoted much of their day to posting about the various sources coverage of the explosions, which, by early estimates, has taken 33 lives.

2012 Olympic Battle Over: London Claims Games

London takes home the gold for 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) made their announcement on Wednesday, just a couple of hours ago. The competition pitted cities like Moscow, Paris, New York, Madrid and London against one another to prove which city could do the best job of hosting the international spectacle.

New London Granted Approval To Demolish Neighborhood

A Supreme Court ruling has granted the city of New London, Conn. approval to demolish a neighborhood of homes in order to make room for a hotel and an office complex.

Google Sightseeing UK Launches

It’s becoming plain to see that one of the best “toys” to hit the Internet in sometime is satellite capability of Google Maps. Since the Keyhole technology has been integrated, a number of sites and hacks have been developed to take advantage of the satellite images.

Noticing Technology Differences In London

Someone asked, in my comments, why I’m hanging out in Starbucks in London instead of a local cafe. One word: wifi.