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Explore Twitter in LOLCAT, If That’s Your Thing

TWITTR HAS JUS ADDD NEW LANGUAGE, AN IZ TEH LANGUAGE OV TEH LOLCATS. LOOK: Happeh Fridai! U can nao change ur language 2 lolcat in Settings. Hope u liek it. twitter.com/settings twitter.com/twitter/status… — Twitter (@twitter) February 8, 2013 HEERS WUT IT LOOKZ LIEK IN DA SETTINGS: [If none of this made sense, Twitter has added lolcat as a new language. …

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Naturally, Google X’s First Computer Brain Recognizes (What Else?) Cats

If you were an internet and tech company building a replication of the human brain using 1,000 computers, of course the first thing you would train that robo-brain to recognize would be cats. Didn’t you know that’s why the internet was built? Of course this is how the Singularity happens! According to the BBC, a team of researchers working at …

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The Day The LOLCats Died: A SOPA Lament

I think even Don McLean would be proud of this remake/cover of his American Pie standard. Posted by the LaughPong, crew, The Day The LOLCats Died is playful ditty that shares that same sense of woe most, if not all SOPA opponents feel when Lamar Smith talks or the acronym is mentioned. In the spirit of all things against what …

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More Sites Join Upcoming Anti-SOPA Blackout

We were recently informed about Reddit’s plan to black their incredibly popular site out on January 18th as a method of protesting the anti-piracy acts that are currently in a holding pattern in the US House of Representatives and the Senate. Now, there are other sites joining Reddit’s show of anti-SOPA solidarity. While folks are still waiting on Wikipedia to …

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