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NSA Used Americans’ Cellphone Location Data In Tracking Trials

Since the Snowden leaks began in early June, we’ve learned numerous things about the NSA and its various surveillance programs. Perhaps the most shocking of these revelations was a program called XKeyscore that allowed the NSA to track everything Americans do online. Now it’s been revealed by the government that it was planning to take it a step further by …

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Can States Do A Better Job Of Protecting Online Privacy?

In cyberlaw, 2012 was defined by the federal government attempting to pass laws that either broke the Internet, or helped protect it. Neither side was successful, however, and the year was marked by a number of defeated laws on both side. Now a new force is attempting to pass similar laws, and it just might have a chance. It was …

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Zoe Lofgren Tries For ECPA Reform Once Again

Alongside the much needed Aaron’s Law, Internet superhero Rep. Zoe Lofgren has reintroduced her ECPA amendment into the House for consideration. The new bill keeps many of the protections from last year’s ECPA 2.0 Act, but features a few important additions. Lofgren announced today that she has introduced the Online Communications and Geolocation Protection Act in the House. As its …

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Texas Legislature Introduces Bills To Curtail Warrantless Smartphone Tracking

Did you know that the federal government can request your smartphone location data without a warrant? It happens quite often, but there’s not been much progress made in the way of legislation curtailing this particular practice. One state has had enough, however, and it intends to put a stop to it. Slate reports that both the Texas state Senate and …

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Texas Schools Tracking Student Location with RFID

In “whoa buddy, I’m not so sure about that” news, one Texas school district is in the process of implementing a new way to ensure student safety and make sure that kids are where they need to be while on campus. At least, that’s what they say. Others may call it a giant mandatory student tracking program. San Antonio school …

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