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Android App Translation Service Goes Live For All Developers

Back at Google I/O in May, the company showed off a new app translation service for Android developers. In short, it would allow developers to hire professional translators through Google who would then translate their app into however many languages they needed. Now the service is finally ready to go live. Google announced today that developers large and small are …

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Here’s Some Tips On How To Best Localize Apps

Regardless of platform, the app store is a developer’s way of reaching millions of people around the world. Those people speak a variety of languages and as such desire an app that’s tailored specifically for them. Others have offered tips on localization before, but here’s some tips from an actual developer in the localization trenches. The Amazon Appstore Developers blog …

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Windows Phone: Globalizing And Localizing Apps

On the heels of Google’s announcement of Google Translate helping with the localization of Android apps, Microsoft is now talking up how Windows Phone developers can globalize and localize their apps. There is a difference between the two, I can assure you. Kim Cameron of the Windows Phone team briefly goes over what it means for an app to be …

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Twitter Local Trends Come To New Indian Cities

Twitter trends are used by people in a variety of ways – whether it’s to jump into the discussion on a popular topic or to gauge the pulse of a particular area. For those concerned about the latter, Twitter’s local trends categorization allows them to see what people are talking about worldwide, in particular countries, and in particular cities. Now, …

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