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Local.com Adds Deals Service, Location Data, & Ad Unit to Its Offerings Local.com Adds Deals Service, Location Data, & Ad Unit to Its Offerings

Local search is quickly turning into the first place that people go when they search for information online. In fact, it is impacting users so much that search veteran Bruce Clay actually predicted that Google would become a local search engine. He said this to us back in November, “Two years from now, Google will be, predominantly, a local search engine.”

Local.com Pays $5m for Local Ad Solution Provider Octane360

Local search site Local.com has acquired Octane360, a provider of domain-based local ad solutions for small businesses, domain portfolio owners, agencies and channel partners.

Local.com is paying $5 million in cash and stock, with an earnout of up to $5.9 million if certain performance criteria are met in the two-year period following the closing.

Yahoo, Local.com Renew Distribution Deal

Sponsored search results on Local.com will continue to come courtesy of Yahoo, according to a renewed agreement between the companies.  And although no specifics were given, the agreement was labeled “multi-year” in nature.

Local.com’s Numbers Up In The UK

Britain loves Local.com – the company has put out a press release stating that the number of visitors it’s received has increased by 1500 percent since April.

Local.com Sells Stock For Financing

Local.com is $13 million richer, but the money was not so much a gift as a payment – Local.com sold about 2.4 million shares of its stock to two investors.  And those investors bought the shares at $5.50 apiece, even though the stock’s current price has only ranged between $5.70 and $7.60 over the past few days.

Local.com Picks Up PremierGuide

Yesterday, Hearst Corp. sold its stake in Local.com, but it looks like that didn’t hurt the website much – it has now acquired PremierGuide, “the largest and fastest-growing provider of private-label local search solutions to newspaper publishers, TV and radio stations, and city portal operators.”

Hearst Sells Stake In Local.com
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We usually write about companies buying each other, but in this case, Hearst Corporation is going against the trend: it has sold its stake in Local.com.

Maps Get A Makeover At Local.com

One week ago, Local.com declared that it had secured a patent “For [An] Ad-Supported 411 Local Search Model,” and the company’s stock skyrocketed as a result.  Today’s announcement, which involves “Enhanced Interactive Mapping Capabilities,” is less likely to produce that effect, but it’s still interesting.

Local.com Scores 411 Patent, Stock Soars

The world was relatively quiet last week when Local.com announced it had been awarded a patent on local search. Not so today, as another patent is revealed for an ad-supported 411 local search model. As of right now, 2:30 EDT, shares of Local.com are up 62 percent.

Local.com Receives Search Patent

Local.com has been awarded a patent for its indexing and retrieving of Web related information by geographical location.

Local.com Launches Mobile Service
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Google and Yahoo issue press releases on a daily basis, but it’s been a busy month for Local.com, as well.  The local search engine launched an advertising program, appointed a new Vice President of Product Management, and, earlier today, made a new mobile service available.