Hayden Panettiere’s Giant Rock Distracts Kelly Ripa

Hayden Panettiere’s Giant Rock Distracts Kelly Ripa

By Amanda Crum October 9, 2013 | 2 Comments

Hayden Panettiere was a guest on “Live!” this morning, and her enormous engagement ring grabbed most of the attention during her segment. The 24-year old actress had a bit of fun with “Live!” co-host Michael Strahan by coming out to …

Watch: Facebook News Event (Location Feature Announcement?) Live

Facebook will be hosting a live news event this evening at 8pm Eastern (5pm Pacific). While the company has yet to confirm the news, it is widely expected that Facebook will announce its location features.

Facebook has provided us with the embed code for the live video of the event for you viewing pleasure:

Watch: Facebook F8 Keynote Live

Facebook doesn’t only want attendees of its F8 conference to see the keynote from CEO/Founder Mark Zuckerberg and Bret Taylor, Director of Product. They want anyone who wants to see it to be able to. That’s why the’ve provided a widget we can embed, so we’ve done just that.

Come here at 1pm eastern/10am Pacific to watch what Facebook has to say. A representative for the company says Facebook will explore a variety of topics including new tools and techniques, business growth strategies and open technologies.

Bing’s Growth Almost Back to Live.com Numbers

I think it’s safe to say that the initial boost from the Bing launch is pretty much over, but as that pricey marketing campaign continues to run on televisions around the country, the number of unique Bing visitors (according to Compete) is rising steadily.

Microsoft Upgrades Live’s Webmaster Tools

Most people think the Webmaster Tools programs as a bit like black holes. You send in a question, concern or idea and nothing ever happens…it just sort of disappears.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, the truth is light years away from this thinking.

Witness Live’s revised and expanded WMT program.

Microsoft Vaguely Aware It Kinda Sucks Sometimes
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Eeyore, the donkey always missing its tail, always liked to thank people for noticing him. Seems like, when it comes to search, Microsoft has the same problem. SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan interviewed Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson, president of the Platform and Services division, during today’s keynote session at SMX Advanced in Seattle, and all roads led back to Google.

Microsoft Drops Live Search Onto HP Boxes

Consumer PCs from HP will arrive with default search and a toolbar from Microsoft in the browser, linked to the Live Search service.

Microsoft: Our Online Branding Needs Work

Ahead of Microsoft’s advance08 Advertising Leadership Forum, Microsoft’s Kevin Johnson acknowledged to company employees, among other things, that Microsoft’s online branding could be a lot better.

Microsoft Wants To Live Mesh Everything

Keeping one’s myriad devices connected and synchronized, with files available on one gadget for everything connected over Microsoft’s Live Mesh, serves as the focus of the company’s new service.

Yahoo Live Does Real-Time Webcasting
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The launch of Yahoo Live, and its associated developer APIs, enable people to create live videos and webcast them immediately.

Live Search Now Returns Extra Links
In a recent SEOCO blog, it was reported that Live.com now returns extra links under the first result.

Live Search Webmaster Tools Finally Available

Microsoft has finally made its Live Search Webmaster Tools available to all site owners, webmasters and SEO professionals.

After a brief private beta, the Live Search Webmaster Center aims to help website professionals improve their results in the MSN and Live.com Search Engines.

Report: Live Spaces Has Most Downtime

Pingdom tracked 12 top social networking sites from October 19 to November 19, and found that Microsoft’s Live Spaces had the most downtime, with the site failing to respond for a total of three hours over the course of the month.

By contrast, that’s more than Facebook (10 minutes), MySpace (10), Bebo (30), LiveJournal (40) and Orkut (85) combined, and worst on the list.

Hotmail Founder Seeking Lawsuit from Microsoft?

Sabeer Bhatia, co-founder of Hotmail (which he sold to Microsoft) is now trying to take on Microsoft Office and Google Docs, launching an online office suite.

While that in and of itself is a perfectly fine (albeit difficult) project, Sabeer’s methods are surprisingly self-destructive. His Live Documents site (a name that makes you think of Microsoft’s Office Live) uses Office 2007’s “Ribbon” interface, designed in Flex, to power document editing, spreadsheets and presentations.

Google, Microsoft Compete For College Email
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Universities have been opting for email services managed by Microsoft or Google as a desirable alternative to running email as an in-house operation.

Windows Live OneCare Released

The beta of version 2.0 of Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft’s all-in-one PC care service, should be over, with the final version of 2.0 released to all subscribers.

Microsoft Community Apps

In an attempt to compete with Google Apps, Microsoft has launched Windows Live Community Builder. The idea behind Microsoft’s new service is to allow businesses or non for profit organizations to obtain a more engaging and deeper connection with their community through customized applications like email, photo service, messenger, writer, livedrive and more.