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Charbucks Wins Battle Against Starbucks, Again Charbucks Wins Battle Against Starbucks, Again

After a tedious 12-year trial, coffee empire Starbucks lost its case against a small, family-owned New Hampshire-based coffee roaster. The issue? The use of the name “Charbucks.” Black Bear Micro Roastery sells coffee labeled “Mr. Charbucks,” “Charbucks Blend,” and “Mister …

Facebook and Facetones Reach Agreement Facebook and Facetones Reach Agreement

Vringo, Inc. a provider of software platforms for mobile social and video applications, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Facebook, Inc., the world’s leading online social network, relating to the use of Vringo’s Facetones mark and …

Da Vinci Code Litigation

The Catholic Church is once again facing the heat in another child abuse scandal, this time in Manchester, England. According to Richard Scorer, a child abuse specialist in a Manchester law firm, all diocese possess a hidden archive where secret …

It’s Hard To Settle Quietly In The Blogosphere

Call it the latest in castoffs of a litigious society, or maybe a lesson in the new transparency the Internet allows. Simpler, if you want to keep a legal threat quiet, make sure your threat is a) valid and b) not made to a blogger with a history of telling everybody about legal threats.

Dancing Baby Takes Universal To Court
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If some copyright holders had their way, you couldn’t listen to a CD in your car with the windows down. Somebody might hear it without paying for it. The latest Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) lawsuit against Universal Music hopes to prevent similar abuses on the Internet.

Judge Denies Both Sides In Tur v. YouTube

Neither side in the lesser-known and first YouTube lawsuit won a motion for summary judgment in court last week. Both sides presented their arguments for dismissing the other’s claims, and both were turned down by the judge, meaning Tur v. YouTube will move into the discovery phase.

Litigation And Regulation to Kill Music 2.0?
  • RIAA lawsuits are increasingly targeting college students and turning a generation of music consumers into enemies and outlaws.
  • ASCAP thinks a download constitutes a performance and wants payment for both mechanical and performance royalties.
  • Internet radio which already pays higher royalties than AM/FM broadcasters has been hit with new royalty rates that could put most of them – and all of the music discovery engines like Pandora – out of business.
Intel Finds AMD Litigation Inside

Chipmaker AMD has filed an antitrust suit against bitter rival Intel over its dominant position in the OEM industry.

Kos and Barr Sign Agreements To Resolve Patent Litigation

Kos Pharmaceuticals and Barr Pharmaceuticals have signed Co-Promotion, Licensing and Manufacturing, and Settlement and License Agreements relating to the resolution of the patent litigation involving Kos’ Niaspan products.