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Is Facebook Secretly Listening to You to Target Ads?

Facebook knows you pretty well. In fact, I’d be willing to bet that Facebook knows more about what you like and how much you like it than many of your friends. Think about it. You’ve been dropping Facebook subtle and not-so-subtle hints for years. You casually “like” Netflix, The Big Lebowski, and AMC Theaters over the years? Facebook knows you …

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Facebook Says It’s ‘Not Always Listening’ as Petition Against New Feature Nears 600,000 Signatures

A lot of people, both Facebook users and otherwise, don’t really trust Facebook. So, when Facebook announced a new feature that can passively listen to users’ background activity in order to easily identify songs, TV shows, and movies for status-sharing purposes, it wasn’t surprising when it struck people as a bit creepy. Or as one petition put it, a “massive …

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