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GDI Printers

“But I’m just sending data to Windows – why doesn’t the Windows printer driver just take care of it?”

Oracle Ponders Novell Purchase For Linux

With an earnings announcement coming up on April 18th, Oracle founder Larry Ellison has been wondering whether his firm should pick up SuSE Linux by buying Novell.

KOffice 1.5 Released For Linux

The newest version of KOffice offers OpenDocument as the default file format and presents a new project planning tool, KPlato.

Hackers Told To Hack Off Ponytails

Open source developers are the grunge rockers of the new millennium, the originals long dissolved in corporate formulaic art. Unlike their barefoot hippie predecessors (who woke up one day in Birkenstocks as Volvo-driving yuppies), they kept their ponytails as an affront to The Man, sharing their warez with the Kool-Aid drinking masses.

Microsoft Virtually Supporting Linux

The Windows maker announced at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo it would make the Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 available at no charge to customers.

We Have the Brains

At Do sandals and ponytails really hold back Linux? former Massachusetts chief information officer Peter Quinn complains that the Linux community is unprofessional and that this is holding back more widespread adoption of Linux. I’m sure he really believes that.

Red Hats New Linux Software Development Tools
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San Francisco based Linux dudes Red Hat announced a “Integrated Virtualization” strategy on Tuesday. This new tool should simplify deployment in a new virtualization environment. They claim this will allow customers to deploy resources at minimal cost while maximizing utilization.

Enabling Linux telnet

This has to be one of the more common support calls that I get. The telnet daemon is no longer usually installed by default, so people are surprised when their newly installed Linux system won’t answer telnets.

Ubuntu Dapper Needs Some Tailoring

The next release of Ubuntu Linux, codenamed Dapper, needs to have some stray threads clipped, prompting the project’s founder to suggest a short delay of its release date.

Linux Adds OpenIB InfiniBand

Novell’s soon-to-be released Linux distribution will pack with it open source OpenIB InfiniBandsoftware, according to the OpenIB Alliance, now called The OpenFabrics Alliance. The inclusion opens up a wider availability of InfiniBand to IT professionals, increasing interoperability and support within the industry as the Alliance extends its focus on RDMA over Ethernet.

Misunderstanding Security

At UNIX Security: Don’t Believe the Truth, Thom Holwerda makes a rather silly argument that Unix security is no better than the worst of Windows security because the result to the user is the same: his personal files can be damaged by a worm or virus even if system files are more protected.

DreamWorks Imagines Linux Development SOA

Hewlett-Packard announced DreamWorks would implement a service-oriented architecture (SOA) solution based on Linux.

Linux Software Development Benefits Healthcare

A joint effort by WorldVistA and Windows-to-Linux developer firm CodeWeavers will bring a component of the VistA health records application to Linux systems.

Should ‘halt’ Call ‘shutdown’?

As mentioned briefly in the comments section of Bootstrapping your Linux Machine, recent Linux systems have added a convenience feature to the ‘halt’ and ‘reboot’ commands: they actually call ‘shutdown’ if the system isn’t in init state 0 or 6.

Linux Report Challenges MS TCO Claims

Nothing chaps Microsoft’s craw more than a little competition and open source rival Linux has been the Beast of Redmond’s chief craw-chapper for some time. After years of what Linux sympathizers have called a Microsoft F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty, doubt) campaign against Linux’ total cost of ownership (TCO), Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) have dropped a little cost research of their own.

Novell Develops Linux Graphics, Video

Novell announced on Tuesday significant enhancements to the Xgl (X over OpenGL) graphics subsystem. Xgl is new core rendering technology for the Linux desktop that takes advantage of widely available accelerated 3D rendering hardware.

Google In Denial Over Desktop OS

A few hours after denying it had any intention to acquire the Napster digital music service, Google’s PR legions were called upon again, this time to disavow the Goobuntu talk.

Where are the Linux Workplaces?

When I was in college, lower level CS course assignments were done in DOS PC’s networked through Novell Netware.

Linux Developers Tackle GPL 3

Some developers in the Linux community have taken the discussion about the new General Public License terms to a contentious point: using it for the next Linux kernel, while a greater challenge over DRM looms.

Motorola Plugs Into Linux Developer

Motorola announced plans to add Kreatel Communications to their mix. The Swedish company develops IPTV-based digital set-top boxes that utilize Linux. This move by Motorola will keep them competitive as the IPTV market continues to take off.

Microsoft Touts Windows On Linux Site

Microsoft has long made various efforts to show how Windows exceeds Linux in a variety of enterprise situations, but a current advertising campaign by the company showed up in an unlikely place.