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Alzheimer’s Disease: Just How Vulnerable Are You?

Americans are absolutely terrified of Alzheimer’s disease. A survey revealed it to be the illness that when surveyed, most Americans were afraid of developing. This disease is scarier than diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. Why is Alzheimer’s so feared? One good reason to be wary of the illness is that there is no cure. Though researchers are working hard …

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Blood Test Foretells Illness

Medical researchers have designed an experimental blood test that can predict Alzheimer’s disease before it fully develops. The disease was detected through plasma phospholipids, which researchers said was more convenient in comparison to costly methods like spinal taps or PET scans. “They decided to start with fats, since it was the easiest and least expensive,” according to a report by CNN. “They drew blood from …

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Cholesterol Linked To Alzheimers Disease?

A study being conducted on the onset of Alzheimer’s might be attributed to cholesterol. The study is showing risk factors connected to this heart damaging substance, has been observed in high levels in Alzheimer’s patients. “One of the important themes emerging from dementia research over the past 15 years is that there are intriguing connections between vascular disease and Alzheimer’s …

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