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Earth Hour: Throwing Shade At Poor Or Good Cause?

The lights went out over many of the globe’s major landmarks last night. From the Great Wall of China and pyramids of Egypt to the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, there was worldwide participation in the name of the annual trend called Earth Hour. Initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature in 2007, the act is meant to be …

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This Just Might Be The Coolest 3D Printer Ever Made

I’ve been accused of using hyperbole a little too liberally at times. I sometimes claim a technology to be “the best ever” when that is clearly not the case. I’m feeling pretty confident, however, that today’s new 3D printer can be in the list of best technologies to ever grace our planet. The best part – it was made by …

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Scientists Create X-Ray Camera Without The Use Of X-Rays

One of the coolest powers that superheroes ever got was X-Ray vision. Imagine being able to see through everything. You would be able to see threats before they appear or play a multitude of pranks on your friends. The only thing holding us back is that X-Rays are actually pretty dangerous in heavy doses. Scientists in Israel have found a …

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