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Jane Fonda Says “Staying Active” is the Key to Long Life
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Jane Fonda, the famous 76-year-old actress and fitness activist credits an active lifestyle for keeping her emotionally centered and healthy later in life. “I believe in fitness,” Fonda says. “Whether you’re young, old, whether you’ve ever been exercising or just …

Jogging Can Add Years to Your Life: Twitter Reacts
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Fact: I hate to exercise. Hate it with a passion. However, despite my unbridled disdain for breaking a sweat, I do so because, if I don’t, my weight will skyrocket out of control. I try to get in at least …

How Do Today’s Teens Compare To Their ’80s Counterparts? [Infographic]
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I let nostalgia take over yesterday, when I posted some Encyclopedia Britannica commercials from the ’80s and ’90s. Those poor kids were always having to walk to the library, just to get information for school reports. One of my favorite …