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Completely Paperless Public Library Could Come to Texas

Bexar County, Texas may soon be the first place in the U.S. to operate an entirely digital public library. A Judge in the county, Nelson Wolff, is pushing for the construction of an entirely bookless public library. He says it will be called BiblioTech, which is a play on biblioteca, the Spanish word for library. While some public libraries across …

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McGraw Hill Lends Its eBooks To Libraries

Publishing house McGraw Hill announced today that it is expanding its digital offerings to libraries, by offering an enhanced purchasing program for its eBook library. They call the new purchasing alternative their “perpetual access” program. The publisher’s eBook library includes nearly 2,000 titles, and is continuously updated. McGraw Hill says academic libraries will be interested in reference works, and public …

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Google Apps Script Gets Libraries And Versions

Google Apps Script is a powerful tool for automation. It has a few downsides like not being able to save certain queries that you might call for multiple scripts It also doesn’t make it easy to take changes to XML formats into account when updating old script. Google has a few ideas to make these processes a little easier. Gustavo …

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E-Book Subscriptions: More Publishers are Adding Titles to ebrary’s Academic Complete

Publishers that distribute e-books to libraries under subscription in addition to other models will receive the most value, according to ebrary which is owned by ProQuest. Wiley along with over 50 newly signed publishers such as American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Leuven University Press, and University of Illinois Press will distribute e-books in Academic Complete as well as other …

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