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Salma Hayek Visits Her Ancestral Homeland To Launch Animated Film ‘The Prophet’

A line from a poem by the poet Khalil Gibran was a fitting ode to Salma Hayek on her return to her ancestral homeland of Lebanon. A poster with the poem “The children of my Lebanon, those who migrate with nothing but courage in their hearts and strength in their arms but who return with wealth in their hands and …

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Israeli Airstrikes Target Hezbollah Weapon Shipments

In 2006, Israel and Hezbollah fought a 34 day battle which ultimately resulted in nothing gained but many lives lost. This conflict, known as the 2006 Lebanon War or 2006 Israel-Hezbollah War, was just part of the much larger Israeli-Iranian proxy-war, a perpetual struggle for power between the Jewish Israeli state and the Muslim state of Iran. Since hostilities officially …

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Israeli Airstrikes Reportedly Hit Hezbollah Target

Israeli aircraft reportedly carried out an airstrike near the Syria-Lebanon border late Monday. Israel has declined to comment on the situation and there has been no confirmation from Lebanon, according to the AP. However, Lebanon’s National News Agency has taken a guess that the strikes happened near Nabi Sheet which is a remote village in the eastern Bekaa Valley. The …

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Jackie Chamoun’s Topless Photos Stir Controversy

A Lebanese skier that is currently competing in the Sochi Olympics has stirred controversy over a topless picture that was taken over three years ago. 22-year-old Jackie Chamoun posed topless for an Austrian sports calendar, in 2011, at Lebanon’s Faraya ski resort, along with other professional athletes. However, it wasn’t until recently that the photos and a video surfaced, causing …

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Beirut Car Bomb Kills Prominent Politician

The nation of Lebanon is still reeling from the latest in a series of politically-motivated terrorist bombings. Early Friday a car bomb exploded in Beirut’s commercial and banking district. About 132 pounds of explosives were believed to have been detonated at the scene. In the aftermath, 71 people were reportedly injured and 5 were killed. Mohammad Chatah, 62, was determined …

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Proposed Internet Legislation In Iraq and Lebanon Concerns Free Speech Advocacy Groups

Proposed legislation on the table in both Iraq and Lebanon has free speech and human rights watch groups on alert. The proposed laws — which deals with press freedom and online publishing — could use draconian methods and punishments to grossly limit freedom of expression in the two countries, and rein in internet usage at a time when Middle East …

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